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The People’s Mosquito Team

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  1. Alan Cordiner permalink
    10/03/2012 09:16

    This is a very worthy aspiration. It would be great to have a Mosquito flying once more and it would be even better if it could be part of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. I wish you every success with the project and will do my bit to spread the news!

  2. andy brookes permalink
    12/03/2012 22:54

    what an honour and a privelige it would be to see one of these magnificent aircraft flying again in the uk, i live not far from the rolls royce factory and would love to see it fly past, hope the project goes well and will keep following with much keeness!

    • 12/03/2012 23:32

      Hi Andy – thanks for your comment. We are working towards making that fly-past a reality in the, hopefully, not too distant future! Thanks for your support. Keep an eye on the site for more news updates.

  3. shortfinals permalink
    15/03/2012 15:19

    Absolutely stunning Press Release! Can’t wait for the next phase………

  4. pete hyde permalink
    20/03/2012 23:10

    Ooh a mossie, looking forward to the outcome….

  5. 24/03/2012 10:28

    hello, here a greeting from Denmark
    good luck with your new project
    see more much more on Mossies on
    PS my dad was on RNZAF3487 Mossies

  6. Derek Ferguson permalink
    01/04/2012 09:36

    What a shame the interview with UKAR is not taking place. It was a great opportunity to further the cause and provide answers to at least some of the many questions the project has raised and which genuine air show enthusiasts have asked. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

    • 01/04/2012 16:02

      Hi Derek, You will be pleased to know that there is an upcoming interview with our Project Lead, John Lilley, in another publication which will hopefully answer your queries! We’re really looking forward to our upcoming opportunities to start spreading the word of this exciting project and to sharing our enthusiasm for getting such a beautiful aeroplane flying again.

      • Derek Ferguson permalink
        02/04/2012 16:17

        I appreciate that the relationship with UKAR did not get off to a good start but UKAR coverage would have provided a small but useful boost to the project. Is the new interview in Flypast or Aeroplane Monthly?

      • 03/04/2012 13:02

        Hi Derek – While we appreciate that an interview with UKAR might have been of benefit to The People’s Mosquito project, the contentious nature of relations with the forum has made an interview at this stage pointless: we feel strongly that we would not get a fair hearing. For that reason we decided to go with another interview opportunity that presented itself to us. That interview will no doubt address many of the areas that have been previously raised elsewhere. I hope you understand that we are not at liberty, at this point, to specify the publication involved.

  7. Derek Ferguson permalink
    03/04/2012 13:34

    OK. Sadly it is TPM’s loss, not UKAR’s.

  8. Rod McKenzie permalink
    03/04/2012 16:11

    sorry but you really have made a big mistake not doing UKARs interview with them, it just looks arrogant and that you have things to hide, which I hope you do not

    I use an Airfix modelling forum and there’s lots of distrust there too now

    I hope it all comes out in the wash and that you do succeed, but you need to get your house in order first

    • 04/04/2012 12:55

      Hi Rod, Sorry you feel that way. We will be addressing many questions that have been raised previously over the next few weeks. Firstly, following feedback we have received from supporters and others, we are making changes to the way donations will work, secondly we will be posting, very soon, a FAQs page which should answer many other questions. We are also bringing in new team members to fill some of the roles that we are currently undertaking as a group – details of whom will be posted shortly. Other information will be posted as and when it becomes pertinent and available. On top of this we continue to build our support around the world for this exciting and ambitious project to get a UK-based Mossie flying again.

  9. 04/04/2012 14:13

    Brilliant project, I have always had a soft spot for the mosquito and I really hop to see her in the skies in the coming years

  10. Gordon Tod permalink
    04/04/2012 19:20

    Wish you every success in such a wonderful project. Will be following it with great interest. If a lottery win comes my way, or anyone else for that matter, a big donation should go your way. Best of luck 😃

  11. Jaime Pastor permalink
    04/04/2012 19:32

    I am a aircraft and scale aircraft models enthusiast, and I think that this project has to be very important to us.

    I hope to see the Mosquito finished, and maybe I could built it in a scale kit.

    Regards from Spain!

  12. Rich W permalink
    11/04/2012 18:31

    Hi chaps,

    Something not covered on your FAQ’s which maybe you can answer… who is the Design Authority for the Mosquito, and have they been approached regarding the project yet?

    If it is still British Aerospace, it would seem logical to get them onboard at the earliest opportunity to make sure that the rebuilt RL249 can be airworthy in the UK.

    Best of luck!

    • 13/04/2012 19:28

      A recent enquiry covered the status of the Mosquito, and who held the Design Authority for it. Since the DH98 was NOT one of those de Havilland types that had the Design Authority transfered to de Havilland Support Ltd, it seems logical that the DA would still reside with BAE Systems as a ‘legacy aircraft’. I recently emailed BAE Systems to clarify this and also make certain enquiries regarding RG299. It is our intention to work as closely as possible with ALL parties to ensure that RL 249 is both restored to the highest standards and operated safely.

      – Ross Sharp

  13. Tony Clark permalink
    12/04/2012 00:36

    Would be great to see a Mosquito in the air again, My father worked for Wrighton aircraft Ltd who produced 1000 planes by 8th July 1944

  14. Danny Rees permalink
    13/04/2012 16:52


    Would love to help towards this project! I have recently left the RAF after being an Airframe and Propulsion Technician on the C130K + J Hercules for over 9 years.

    I have always loved wartime aircraft especially the Mossie! Would be amazing to see one flying again and hopefully help towards it!

    • 13/04/2012 19:24

      We could certainly use your skills so you’d be more than welcome. Its early days yet but please stay in touch.

      • Danny Rees permalink
        13/04/2012 22:24

        Over the moon and happy to help to get this lady back in the air! Any photos of the remains we have to work with?

      • 14/04/2012 08:57

        Not yet – we are hoping to get some soon though. As we say in our FAQs, we have only about 10% of the original airframe, so don’t expect much!

  15. Lawrence Hay permalink
    18/04/2012 15:01

    Would be great to see the mosquito flying again, i worked on them with 81 squadron and saw the last one off RG314 good luck with your prodject

    • 19/04/2012 13:21

      Hi Lawrence – Thanks for your message of support. Was that on post-war photo-reconnaissance pre-Meteor operations?

  16. 20/04/2012 15:56

    So, wheres and when this interview appearing? Theres been nothing fof 3 weeks from you lot despite the promises. You might not be crooks, but your doing a great job of making people think you are.

    • 20/04/2012 21:13

      Hi Lester – Well thank you for your question and your interesting, if accusatory, opinion. We don’t really understand the “crooks” comment. For our benefit and that of other readers, perhaps you would care to expand?

      But to respond to your question, when you write “this interview” presumably you mean the one we last mentioned two weeks ago (see earlier dialogues on this page), that we hoped would go ahead with the publication that we were unable, for obvious reasons, to name. I think “promise” is a little strong, I would prefer to stick to “mentioned”. I hope you understand that we are still not in a position to name the publication involved.

      As it is and as you ask, we have been told that due to various issues the interview has had to be postponed for the time being. We are very sorry about this as we do see the benefit of external publicity and look forward to it happening as and when it is possible. Just to stress the point – this is not a promise of an interview. That simply would not be possible as any interview would be done by a third party and therefore timing and publication would be completely out of our control.

      However we are very happy to answer any question you might have hoped an interview would cover. Please treat this as your forum for getting information. The website covers pretty much all the information we have to offer at the moment. Have you seen our FAQs page? – lots of areas are covered in that – and again if that raises any questions – please come back here and ask them. Contrary to your assertion that “there has been nothing” from us “for three weeks”, the FAQs were posted two weeks ago. The People page informs you of the key players in the project – there are links on the key players (the top three names) that take you to bio pages. This section has also been added to within the last two weeks. There are also a number of Press Releases available to read.

      I hope this helps. Remember, if you have a question, please just ask.

  17. 20/04/2012 22:11

    my comment was based on the (mis)conceptions and public image thats sadly been generated on various websites about this aircraft, and the fact that the interview hasnt been published yet

    I wish you well, and will indeed be supporting you financialy in my own small way if and when I am convinced its in a good cause and a good faith


    • 02/05/2012 09:27

      Thanks Lester, we appreciate that and hope that time will convince you that we are a cause worth following.

      • 19/10/2012 08:11

        If think any mention of ‘crooks’ is insulting, and people ought to know better and get a grip. It’s so simple what’s happening here, a group of people got together in the hope, should funds and the technical construction be made available to build a Mosquito to fly in this country once again, but before you know it, out come these people on these wonderful aviation forums who will week after week insist that such a project will not happen ever !! The lengths that these self-styled ‘experts’ go to is at times beyond belief !! When this project started, there was talk of ‘money scams’ and the insults did not stop there. Some mistakes (if you want to call them that) were made by TPM in my view, but hold, nobody out there ever dropped a ‘clanger’ ? of course not. These mistakes I talk of are as follows : Should the project succeed, donate the aircraft to the BBMF. Now I’m sure this statement was posted in with good intentions, but I would not have done that, because I would not donate anything on that scale to the BBMF. Here’s one for you, I’m pretty sure I read some years ago that the Mosquito at RAF Cosford was bound for the BBMF at Coningsby. Now weither someone reported this wrong at the time we will never know, but if that was the case, why is that aircraft not with the BBMF ? Could it be that then, like now they would not have the technical ‘know-how’ to deal with ‘plywood’ , so just stick to what they know ‘aluminium’ aircraft !! Could it be they had second thoughts, and thought that by adding the Cosford Mosquito to the flight, might be an expensive exercise. Another mistake by the TPM was to ‘tangle’ with a well-known aviation forum in this country. The interview on GAR was more than enough, and at a time when some notable ‘faces’ were joining this project. GAR are level-headed and fair.
        I myself, have supported this project all they way through like loads of well wishers to this project, in the hope this project goes to a full result. I’ve never been worried about the ‘funding’, how many of us, threw good hard earned money into a certain project that is ‘delta shaped’ ? how many times did they come knocking because of ‘shortfalls’ ? loads of times, and we all dipped-in .month after month. I thought at the time TPM came into being, hang-on a minute, any minute now, some wonderful people are going to come out the woodwork !! and they did. I have noticed a slight change in attitudes and posting on aviation forums, since a certain ex BBMF come to the table. TPM will have critics for many years, gives them something to ‘yap’ about. Weither this project succeeds or not (which I hope it does BTW) you have full support from a ‘nobody’, and the ‘nobody’ is proud that your having a blo*dy good crack at it. Another thing others and TPM should not forget, is that since TPM started things have changed elsewhere, like talk of Kermit Weeks bring is Mosquito back to the UK to fly (which he stated at OW in may) and now talk of the second Mosquito off the producion-line in NZ coming to the UK for a while to do photo-sorties, adding to the prospect that we might see a Mosquito back in the air some place, some time. An who started all this interest in the Mosquito ? TPM

      • 20/10/2012 09:01

        Hi Gary, – you cover so many areas in your post, where to start in reply? Thanks for your support – every “nobody” is a somebody to us and we are grateful for any support. Yes, we have, and continue, to take flak (pardon the pun), but we can take it, as long as there are supporters like you on our side. Thanks again.

  18. Dave Terry permalink
    26/04/2012 23:21

    Re the FAQ’s dont wait for CIO status the sector has been waiting for years and current thinking is to avoid it! Just get Company Status and then charity status….Council For Voluntary Services across the UK can assist with your legal set up you can then fundraise…..less than 10% of Mossie’s remains means a new build effectivly but heritage project could be developed around the engineering and construction skills ….this project could be very exciting & I rember fondly seeing the last flying example at airshows. Anyway get a charity/ funding specialist theres a few around! it will help the project immensley leaving those with the engineering skills to make the project happen.

    • 27/04/2012 09:59

      Hi Dave – Thanks for your comment – very helpful advice. As you can imagine, we have been discussing this internally in some depth. Your message has been passed on to Steve who’s looking after the charity side of things.
      Thanks for your support.

  19. Chas permalink
    28/04/2012 12:28

    I wish you the very best of good fortune with this project – it’s long overdue to have a UK Mossie in the air again.

    You seemed to have caused a certain amount of controversy amongst (potential) supporters, re your interview, which brings me nicely to an issue I raised with the Vulcan Trust a few years ago. If you are going to perpetually ask for public money and support, then don’t do what the Vulcan peeps did and fail to keep supporters as fully up to date as possible – it’s guaranteed to antagonise and alienate the very peeps you need. It’s a very important part of the project to keep the public informed, so requires the attention of someone capable of doing the job thoroughly and regularly (at least weekly!). The Vulcan folks did learn their lesson eventually and improved the information flow quite dramatically, and I’m sure that is in part responsible for their success story.

    It’s early days so it would be churlish to be too critical, but this project has been in existence 4 months now, and it’s the first I’ve heard of it (thanks to Flypast mag), I do keep my ears and eyes open to historic aviation related news, but I don’t frequent ‘twitter’ or ‘facebook’, so clearly you are not yet reaching all potentially interested parties, just a thought, don’t rely too heavily on ‘social networking’ to get your message across.

    It’s a steep learning curve setting up a project like this, so I can’t be too critical of any shortcomings that have come to light so far, and as a former director of a charity I also know how that can horribly complicate the ‘business’ side of an organisation, so I would urge other supporters to consider their comments before being too critical, unless you fail to learn by your mistakes, in which case you really are fair game!

    • 29/04/2012 19:41

      Thanks for you comments. It is, as you say, early days and I can assure you that we are working on the organisation required to hopefully answer all of your concerns.

      As things move along we will be keeping our supporters informed and indeed we have been doing so if you look at the news here on our website. Some things can take a while to progress to a point at which we can report on them but we are making steady and encouraging progress on all fronts. We welcome feedback – so if you think we are getting it wrong let us know. And if you would like to take a more active role and bring your skills to the project then by all means get in touch via the Contact Us page.

      – Steve

      • 30/04/2012 08:04

        Just for the record and the sake of clarity – as previously stated we are NOT asking for donations at this time.

        As has been discussed elsewhere on this site, we are in the process of setting up an on-line donations facility via a third party. We will publicise the launch of that facility when it becomes available.


  20. Giles St Leger permalink
    29/04/2012 11:05

    To see a Mossie fly again would be a dream come true,the skies have been missing her for too long! I have always been in love with the Mossie since i was a kid, and watched 633 sqaudron and secret army.Was devastated in 1996,so i wish you the best of luck.Im sure everyone in my flying club will be just as excited as me.

    • 30/04/2012 08:06

      Thanks Giles, for your support. Some have called it a pipe-dream, but we think it’s a goer!

  21. 30/04/2012 07:23

    Have you thought about asking Kermit Weeks, to ask if it would be possible to bring is Mosquito now at Oshkosh to the UK/Europe for a tour with ‘The People’s Mosquito’ over-seeing this tour should he agree ? Booker/PPS did restore this aircraft some years ago, maybe you could link up with them. But good luck with the project.

    • 30/04/2012 08:05

      Thanks Gary, an interesting idea…

    • shortfinals permalink
      07/05/2012 17:12

      Dear Gary,

      Kermit’s B.35 is currently with the EAA Museum at Oshkosh, as you stated. However, it is in a non-flying state, and Kermit has indicated he MAY bring it back to his base at Polk City to work on, but it is towards the back of a VERY long queue of projects. I think that he is concentrating on the Tempest V project at the moment, plus he has just taken delivery of the C-47 which was ferried over from Kemble. He has stated that he will have to build more hangar space before he can ‘acquire’ more aircraft.

      Thank you for your interest!


      • 13/05/2012 20:15

        Thanks for the update Ross, confirming the B.35 status, and look forward to visiting FoF next year, once again.

  22. 30/04/2012 09:44

    the kermit weeks mossie is not 100% flyable, the ARDMORE NZ mossie fly though…………………..

    • 02/05/2012 16:54

      Thank you Robert for the update re: the Oshkosh/Mr Weeks Mosquito.

  23. 01/05/2012 23:06

    Good luck with this. The UK needs a flying Mossie. You do really need to become a registered charity though as it brings so many advantages regarding donations and tax.

    • 02/05/2012 09:10

      Hi, Thanks for your support. We are working on the charity right now and once it has all been set up we will publish details.

  24. 02/05/2012 05:46

    look at to see the latest NZ MOSSIE progress,it is the YAGAN mossie

  25. Robin Eyre permalink
    02/05/2012 07:21

    What a fantastic thing this is – the Mossie was born from the unconventional and this project is echoing that. The skies are poorer without a Dh98 in them and will be so much richer if this can be done. Awaiting the opportunity to contribute.

    • 02/05/2012 09:13

      Hi Robin, Thanks for your note of support. You hit the nail on the head – this is a bit of an unconventional way of doing this and we are working hard to make a UK-based flying Mossie a reality. We will publish donation details as soon as we have the charity and donations system set up.

  26. 02/05/2012 09:16

    Glad to hear you are working towards charitable status. I’m involved in the transport heritage movement and my organisation benefits greatly from its charitable status.

    • 02/05/2012 09:31

      Hi, Interesting to hear of your involvement in transport heritage. if you’ve got any advice or information to share that you think would be helpful for us please contact us via the Contact page.

  27. Andrew Wolfenden permalink
    03/05/2012 14:17

    I didn’t know much about the mosquito until quit recently. As I have started building a RC Mossie I have been finding out bits and pieces of information regarding this plane. I am now more informed, and surprised that the Mossie profile isn’t up there with the other greats.

    • 03/05/2012 17:32

      We are surprised at that fact too. I think it’s partly because flying Mossies are very rare – we are working towards changing that!

  28. ibw123 permalink
    03/05/2012 18:20

    Good luck with this very worthy project. I would love to see a Mossie fly again..

    (Do you have any engines yet?)

  29. nick sills permalink
    04/05/2012 13:48

    thats great news about a flying mossie again in the uk, what time scale do you think it would take? good luck, do you know what become of the one that went to kermit weeks at polk city, kind regards nick

    • 07/05/2012 18:03

      Hi Nick, Thanks for your comment. See posts above and below re Kermit Weeks’ B.35. As to time frame, at the moment we’re looking at 3-5 years.

  30. Ian Statham permalink
    07/05/2012 09:59

    A Mosquito YES, but not a hideous bulbous nose version, please. It destroys one of the most beautiful designs ever. Please go for a standard bomber or fighter-bomber version.

  31. 07/05/2012 17:17

    the kermit weeks mossie is not ready to fly, the Ardmore Avspec Mossie will be the first to fly, maybe already this year ???????? another fuselage and wingset is soon ready in Drury NZ, Glyn Powell is the carpenter, he also made the Ardmore Mossie

  32. Nathan Booker permalink
    07/05/2012 21:48

    This has always been my favourite aircraft, not only for the design and form but mainly for what it brought to the RAF and the people that it saved and helped, and it would be fantastic to be around to see this icon flying again. My son has just finished 3 yrs Aeronautical Engineering at Northbrook College in Sussex and has a passion for all WW2 aircraft and would love to see this aircraft and would love to get involved in some way.
    Good luck with the build and hope all goes well.

  33. 09/05/2012 17:40

    many of these comments and emails are very nice and positive, but i feel that most people donot know what it takes to to re-construct aMossie Wooden aircraft ……….ask AVSPEC and Glyn Powell about all this effort ………..

    • 25/05/2012 11:32

      I think most of the ‘poster’s’ to this section of TPM site showing their support and interest with regard to this project, are under no ‘illusion’ about the building of just such and aircraft and how hard it will be, Glyn Powell really has done sterling work in New Zealand without question to keep this ‘breed’ very much alive and kicking along with the aircraft’s owner, but I’m sure most people supporting the ‘aims’ of this project are well aware of the long road ahead, and will be full of challenges, I have no doubt about that, only the other week, the much-loved ‘outfit’ at East Kirkby, spoke to me with regard their re-building plans, and it was clear that there are some issues already with the under-cart, but at the same time, it was also made clear that those issues would be overcome, and with that will to succeed, I’m sure TPM will get going with this project and with luck and the cash to do it, bring this project to a conclusion in the future. Question ? could the CITB not make you some brand-new ‘moulds’ as a ‘project’ in ‘Norfolk’ at that former RAF Airfield they use to teach up and coming young people to the ‘delights’ of the ‘construction industry’ and what’s involved. Talk to them, and ask them to get a well-known ‘concrete’ supplier onboard. too. Just a thought, that is all.

  34. S Simpson permalink
    09/05/2012 21:37

    If you want this project to be taken seriously, you need to keep your communications up to date, accurate and realistic.

    Currently you estimate time to fly at 3 to 5 years and cost at 5 million stg – which may “fluctuate”, but “cheaper by a long way” than Vulcan XH558.

    Well, bounding optimism is all very well but hardly practical reality.

    The histories of all projects like this, great and small, tells you that completion is always far longer than estimated. 5+ years for a Mosquito, easily, more like 10 or more, given you are effectively doing a new build.

    Likewise cost. By “fluctuate” you can only mean “Go Up”. Say so and have done with it.

    It’ll be between 5 and 10 million by the time the aircraft is ready to take off. “Cheaper by a long way” Well, hardly. It took 7 million to get XH558 back into the air.

    Your annual running costs may well be cheaper than the 2 million to service and fly XH558 each year of its limited flying life. You’re 5 to 10 million and 5 to 10 years away from facing that challenge.

    Keep it real, please.

    • 11/05/2012 09:47

      Thank you for your comments. Yes we agree projects of this nature and many others are affected by many factors, inflation, rarity of parts, specialist tooling and so on. The estimates on time and cost we arrived at we based on meetings with our airframe re-builder, engine specialists, aviation specialists and our experience.

      As we progress we will update to refine this range, especially as our detailed engineering plan is now being worked up, but we are still confident on those numbers. The major factor on time is the ability to raise funds, thus extending the total project time. We are under no illusion this is not easy and understand projects can stretch. So good project management is the key.

  35. nick permalink
    10/05/2012 07:57

    As far as I understand it the Mosquito moulds being used by Glynn Powell are for a version of the Mossie with the standard nose, but the one you are planning to rebuild is a night fighter with a different nose profile.

    Will this require new mould(s) or is is possible to graft a different nose section onto a standard fuselage which has been made from a ‘Powell’ mould ?

    • 11/05/2012 13:31

      The moulds produce a ‘generic’ fuselage. It was (in wartime) a relatively simple process to saw across this at the correct angle and insert either a ‘taper’ fighter nose or a ‘thimble’ or ‘bull’ nose for the later radar versions. Some FB.VI versions were even retrofitted with ASH radar in a short radome in the centre of the nose.

      The Mosquito was amazingly versatile, and the nose proved it!

      • nick permalink
        11/05/2012 13:53

        Thanks for the reply – so it appears that you could use Glynn Powell’s moulds (if you came to an agreement with him, obviously) to make a standard fuselage, then modify the results as required.

        Furthermore, in that case do you to fit the night-fighter nose to the new fuselage, although it wouldn’t be 100% historically accurate the end result would look a lot prettier in my opinion – and in other people’s too judging from some of the comments I’ve seen here and elsewhere :-) .

        Only the most pedantic plane-spotters would would know it wasn’t perfectly correct and unless the CAA insisted it was fitted you could probably save some time and money as well :-)

      • nick permalink
        11/05/2012 13:54

        Sorry, the above should have said “do you HAVE to fit the night-fighter nose to the new fuselage”

  36. Nathan Booker permalink
    10/05/2012 09:14

    you are probably right, many people have no idea!….but surely the whole point is to show their support and appreciation for the the work these people are doing. So surely any offer of help is better than no offer at all.

    • shortfinals permalink
      14/05/2012 12:59

      Strangely enough, the whole point of putting the ‘bullnose’ on the aircraft is because of the fact that the ‘donor’ aircraft was an NF.36. The identity of the aircraft, and its Mark number are dictated by that. It would be quite incorrect, and possibly cause legal difficulties, if you wanted to produce a bomber version from something that never was a bomber.

  37. 12/05/2012 18:55

    Interesting reading all of it. Don’t want to start rumours but discussed with a friend while visitng the U.K. som years ago that he knew of an airfield that supposedly had crated Mosquitos that had been dug into the ground to be brought out if needed. This would have been late WWII or just after. Naturally history took another course and the crates were forgotten. I have tried remembering this where and how – don’t know the value of this information but if any interest I will enquire further./ Henrik, Riga, LATVIA

  38. 13/05/2012 20:34

    Could you not do your project in MDF ? And I’m not taking the ‘*** either !! Would it be reasonable to assume, in this country, we have many specialist wood manufacturing companies in this country with the latest wood-cutting machine equipment, why not ask them, if it could be done here in this country. As I understand it, Glynn Powell is using a newer ‘generation’ glue for his project, which is stronger than the original application, so could the aircraft be ‘crafted’ out of a MDF or other wood compound, which would get creditation from the CAA for flight on the basis of it being of the same strength as ‘plywood’ or stronger. Does MDF ‘out-shape’ during exposure to moisture ? Just a thought,

    • shortfinals permalink
      14/05/2012 13:08

      Sadly, the laws of physics creep in everywhere. A nasty little thing called Young’s Modulus of Elasticity dictates exactly WHAT type of material you can use for any given task. Birch ply, in 3mm to 5mm thickness’ is surprisely supple (especially when wet or heated). MDF – well, isn’t! The Russians built their LaGG-3 and other fighters from birch ply because it was strong AND flexible enough to take the strains imposed by aerobatics. Further experimentation by de Havillands found that a birch ply/balsa/birch ply ‘sandwich’ was both strong and flexible and yet relatively light – hence the Mosquito.

      Why New Zealand? Because the only set of Mosquito fuselage moulds in the world are there! ‘G Plan’ and other British woodworkers did a fantastic job during WW2, but the technology to produce the Mosquito (in any decent timeframe) now resides in only one place.

      • 18/05/2012 22:21

        Thanks for the reply shortfinals, and the ‘tech’ info regard the ‘materials’.

  39. bomberharris permalink
    14/05/2012 17:44

    I understand that the proposed donor aircraft is a bull-nosed version. What I am saying is don’t use it, at least not in that form. To my mind the preferred options are: 1) Find a ‘standard’ donor aircraft; 2) Use the bullnosed donor aircraft for what metal bits can be salvaged but make it into a standard version. 3) Build a new mosquito, modelled on a real aircraft from the past.

    My vote is build a B4. But whatever happens, please don’t build a monstrosity like the NF.36

    • 23/05/2012 08:21

      Thank you for your comments and enthusiasm for the Mosquito! Well apart from the ‘bull-nosed’ night fighter variant. We would love to consider any type of Mosquito for restoration and are open to other donor aircraft, but there are sadly not that many on the market. In fact pretty rare. RL249 and the night-fighter types before it played a crucial role in WW2 and into the Cold War of the mid- 1950’s. We wish to restore as accurately as possible to the original aircraft, and bearing in mind several Mosquito projects are planned we will be able to demonstrate another combat role the Mosquito adapted to very well. RL249 is a real aircraft from the past but we understand your point and would be delighted if you hear of a B.IV, PR.XVI or FB.VI available for donation.

  40. 14/05/2012 17:47

    yes please ! i know quite a few Mossie experts who are in the need of parts ! pls reply to :

  41. Malcolm permalink
    14/05/2012 19:37

    Having only heard of this today, and having only been longingly looking at one earlier in the week at Hendon, please let me know when I can donate. Always has been one of my favourite planes, must be 633 as a previous correspondent mentioned.

  42. Ty Corcoran permalink
    17/05/2012 17:48

    Hello, on the facebook page I’ve put up pictures of a T shirt I’ve had printed up with the “mosquito” logo, I hope I’ve not stepped on anyone’s toes. It’s been readied for the Waddington Air Show, I am going to pester anone I can to join the cause.

    • 23/05/2012 07:50

      Ty as you know from our Facebook supporters group we have a design waiting in the wings, but I see no problem in you wearing your t-shirt provided you are not profiting from our name.

  43. Kev Puckey permalink
    22/05/2012 20:12

    Hello, Very very interested in your project, I love the mossie, always have and always will (the wife will testify to this!). I was in the RAF for 17 yrs, working on a variety of aircraft, currently I am Repairs Dept Manager at Eurostar. I would very much like to join you in your project, where are you based so that I can visit and see your progress? Regards, Kev ps please let me know if you achieve charitable status, as i can donate Eurostar tickets for raffle prizes

    • 28/05/2012 09:12

      Thanks for the offer Kev. We are progressing with the fund raising so we have made a note of your offer and have passed your details to the engineering team. Its early days yet so we haven’t finalised the base for the work, although some will take place in New Zealand. Stay in touch as there are many ways we can use you.

  44. sam zerafa permalink
    26/05/2012 20:16

    Hi to all, what I really want to see is an RAF Mosquito flying along side the RAF memorial flight , Lancaster, Spitfire, Hurricane, on remembrance day !
    I was fortunate to see the lancaster & 4 Spitfire’s flypast my home last week and thought a Mosquito should be with them.

  45. Malcolm permalink
    28/05/2012 21:43

    And so say all of us, it is bordering on criminal that we have no Mosquito, Wellington etc still flying

  46. Ross permalink
    28/05/2012 23:08

    Thank you, Sam and Malcolm we are planning – hard – for just that thing to happen!

  47. 01/06/2012 10:26

    Ross, are you going to the CWH 40th show at Hamilton ? we wondered if we could say ‘hi’ in person and do a video ‘appeal’ for the ‘project’. And maybe tell us how things are going, in a more friendly and relaxed meet-up, and of course with full permission of ‘TPM’ high command. We don’t bite Ross !! Honest.

    • 01/06/2012 11:10

      Dear Gary, sadly I will not be at Hamilton, despite the fact that I still appear to be ‘persona grata’ north of the International Boundary! Certain ‘projects’ are keeping me close to my home base in Massachusetts at the moment. I would normally be delighted to accomodate your request, and hope to arrange something in the future. I am aware that MANY Canadians do not bite – at least according to my classmate who lives in Mississauga!

      • 01/06/2012 16:41

        Cheers, Ross and good luck with your projects, maybe another time, it was just a thought seeing as we are ‘jumping’ the big pond, and will be on Canadian soil for 6-days.

  48. 01/06/2012 17:08

    Not a problem! Please remember that the Museum at Hamilton is CLOSED during the Airshow, so you’ll have to go on a non-airshow day to see some of the exhibits. I just heard of the passing of John Blake.He was an amazing character. Although our paths crossed on numerous occasions, I only WORKED with him once – at Rendcomb; I learnt more in one day than I had done in the previous 10 years. His like will not be seen again.

    • 04/06/2012 20:19

      Yes, it was sad about John Blake indeed. We are going to the thursday and friday practice days, so should get to see the exhibits. If only the Calgary ‘Mossie’ was there !! but we all will see it and the TPM ‘thumble-nose’ in time.

  49. Geoff. permalink
    03/06/2012 17:40

    Hi All,
    Yes I agree with all of the above,like you say the parts and airframes inpaticular are rare has anybody thought of cllaboration with the Mosquito Museum to get one of theirs up and flying ? I seem to remember hearing that RR had a good look at one of them but not heard of the result surely two heads are better than one as they say.
    Keep the faith Geoff.

    • 08/06/2012 18:58

      Thanks for the input Geoff. We are in touch with many organisations with access to various parts both for spares and for patterns. Check out our affiliates page.

  50. shortfinals permalink
    04/06/2012 21:56

    Dear Gary, talking of Mosquito radar noses….the ‘bow + arrow’ NF.II was followed by the ‘thimble nose (e.g. NF.XIII, some TR.33) and the ‘universal’ or ‘bullnose’ (e.g. NF.30, NF.36) and the ‘ASH’ nose, (e.g. some TR.33 and some FB.VI). However, the ugliest radar nose was fitted to six PR.XVI by the USAAF which contained H2X radar (a U.S. version of the H2S).

  51. Graham Wood permalink
    13/06/2012 16:46

    Love this plane and the idea of getting one back where it belongs in the sky.I just wonder why you dont produce a car sticker to promote your fantastic project and this would Im sure spead the word.As I visit many web based fourms a badge to put in my signature or avatar would also help I cant get the one on here to work.

    • 13/06/2012 17:39

      Thanks Graham. Promotional car stickers, t-shirts etc. are in the pipeline. Watch this space.

      Can you tell me what you mean by you can’t the image to work?

  52. Graham Wood permalink
    13/06/2012 18:24

    Coiped and pasted the link to put on my sig or avatar but it didnt show??

  53. Graham Wood permalink
    13/06/2012 19:41

    Done it.
    My car has no stickers but I would love one about the Mosquito and Ive just started a topic in XF owners fourm about it.

    • roger miles permalink
      24/06/2012 21:30

      Why not right accross the JDC / JEC?
      I too would like a sticker or two.

  54. 15/06/2012 21:58

    Very laudable,I wish you all the best with this.
    I’ll follow with interest & donate ‘a few quid’ whenever I can,in the hope that small amounts eventually add up!

  55. Bob permalink
    24/06/2012 21:13

    Any idea where all the rebuild is going to be done? If it is local enough I wouldn’t mind seeing if I could offer some assistance.

    • 27/06/2012 07:42

      Hi Bob. The main part of the build will take place in New Zealand as that is were the skill base currently reside. We don’t have a UK home as yet, so please stay in touch as we progress the engineering plans.

  56. roger miles permalink
    24/06/2012 21:29

    Proud to be BRITISH!! May the MOSSIE sting again.

  57. Graham Wood permalink
    28/06/2012 19:11

    Is it true a Mosquito to fly on 29 September in Aukland???????????????

  58. 28/06/2012 19:16

    yes, the KIWIS say Yagan\s Mossie KA114 will fly from Ardmore on 29 september 2012, be there …….

  59. Jonathan Cole permalink
    03/07/2012 15:34

    My favourite aeroplane, this is really very exciting.
    Good luck!

  60. Phil Burton permalink
    03/07/2012 17:53

    I was at Barton……I wish I had not been…and I was with the pilot of RR299 all the way down….; When I was a youngster, I read fiction stories in comics about a pilot called Matt Braddock who only flew and enthused about “Mossies” and explained why they were so well-thought of.. It is my all-time-favourite aircraft. I have grown up loving the entire story. As a small tribute to wooden wonders and wooden aircraft, I have nearly finished a wood and fabric Piel Emeraude, which will be my own “mossie”. I wish that I could do more. Maybe I will. I will try and help. If I was a younger man, (I am 61) I would build a 2/3rds scale(or so) Mini Mossie aircraft, single seat, to fly myself. But this project will do!!

    Phil Burton.

  61. HengistPod permalink
    10/07/2012 13:41

    Having witnessed the low-level passes of the Mosquito which came to open the Flying Club at (former) RAF Banff, and the same one at Strathallan airshows, I can say that there is nothing to compare to the sound and aesthetic beauty of a Mosquito.

    One Merlin is grand, four is too – but the thunder of twins is something else again. I’m going to be really miffed if I die wihtout ever hearing that again. :)

  62. Brian Clancy permalink
    20/07/2012 06:26

    One of the finest designs of the war, there is a place for this aircraft both in history and back in the air to wow the crowds and serve as a flying tribute and memorial. It would certainly make a wonderful addition to the BBMF and I truly hope they will take her on-board when she is complete.

    A wonderful project that has my full support. I shall spread the word and follow closely!

    • 21/07/2012 14:42

      Thanks Brian. Please check back regularily and if you would like to be more closely involved please get in touch.

  63. Colin Boyles permalink
    26/07/2012 17:47

    Hi, best news I have heard for a long time, where is the aircraft going to be assembled? I hope it is not to far from Banbury.
    As a enthusiast of the Mosquito for many years and having spent many hours at Salisbury hall studying the aircraft down there and also following the Avspec rebuild I can only wish you all the best in what will be a very worth while project.
    If there any way in which I could help please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    • 28/07/2012 17:53

      Thanks Colin.

      Initially the plan is to use the expertise in New Zealand then move to the UK to finish. We will be looking for help in all areas so watch this space and please stay in touch.

  64. 28/07/2012 15:46

    DH Mosquito HJ767 crash ‘update’ at

    • 28/07/2012 17:17

      A few facts on HJ767:

      HJ767 was a 60 OTU machine. This FB.VI was built at the main factory at Hatfield, as part of a follow-on contract, the serials of which were HJ755 – HJ792.

      60 OTU was the ‘Intruder’ OTU, and used a mix of NF.II, FB.VI, T.III and towards the end, B.XVI aircraft. Typical unit strength (February, 1944) – 11 T.III, 17 NF.II, 14 FB.VI

      Based at High Ercall, Shropshire, HJ767 was on a ‘nav ex’ (Flt Lt J K de Roeck – pilot, Sgt F.W.D. Hearn – navigator) on the night of 17th June, 1944. Engine trouble lead to an attempted forced landing close to Bunny, Nottinghamshire. Both crew were killed.

      Interestingly, 60 OTU has no Association of past members, and neither does 31 OTU, with which they merged during April, 1945.

      • 28/07/2012 19:17

        The ‘owner’ of the fiels has given Graham Norbury and his friends with the Bunny historical group the ‘three green’s’ to search for more remains, and when the date of the search happens, I hope to be there with them to see what turns up.

  65. samuel permalink
    01/08/2012 21:43

    How’s about some Lottery funding for a more ‘sensible project of national interest’ ???

  66. 02/08/2012 19:45

    The very best of luck with this magnificent project – it’s time a Mosquito took to the air again in the UK. My father was with 192 Squadron (Sgt Fitter IIA) and did a full Mosquito course at Hatfield. Strange as it might sound, he never touched one again being allocated to B Flight and the HP Halifax. At 91 1/2 he’s probably too old to help out!

    • 03/08/2012 20:15

      Thanks. Your father may not be able to turn a spanner but if he has any insight into the foibles of the Mosquito we’d love to hear from him.

  67. Andy Brown permalink
    07/08/2012 14:18

    What a great project as I am a keen Mosquito fan. Me and my father both worked at Hatfield and he was in the RAF during WW11. My mother inlaw is the daughter of J Walker who took part on the Mosquitos first test flight. If we can help in any way please ask.
    Good Luck

    • 13/08/2012 10:18

      Thanks Andy. We’ll make a note of your details and be in touch. There are plenty of ways in which you can help, all of which are gratefully received.

  68. 11/08/2012 17:56

    I wish you you all the best with this project a very wothy one at that ,It is nice to see a very increased interest in the old war birds and for me the moggie as i affectionately call it you cant beat the sound of two mighty merlins together .

  69. 03/09/2012 15:49

    Weeks Mosquito coming to UK ? The very thing I suggested !! ‘JL’ has been sent a copy of an e-mail, I came home to tonight. Anyone heard anymore on this ?

  70. 04/09/2012 07:36

    Great project, will spread the word. If Bicester areodrome gets to be a heritage centre around Bomber Command would be great to have you based there – nice and central to the UK and there was a Mossie on site in WWII

  71. David Elvidge permalink
    11/09/2012 18:19

    I have just returned from Canada where I was fortunate to see the Calgary/Spartan Mossie at Nanton and be there for the official hand over ceremony, Theres a massive workload to produce a fine example , and I ve no doubt they will do it .they are a very committed group. Id love to help with the peoples mossie in any way I can! I echo Ben Jacksons comments as a fellow BCH member , if Bicester has the space we d love to have it therei!.CWH at Hamilton are rebuilding a Blenheim.,in front of it they have a board that says: “Those who say it can t be done ,. Should stop and talk to those doing it” .. .. It won t be easy,we know that ,but anything worth doing never is. Lets spread the word!

    • 13/09/2012 11:06

      Thanks for your supportive comments David. Can’t help feeling we could use that motto ourselves….

  72. Ty Corcoran permalink
    16/09/2012 22:49

    I’m spreading the word at every oppertunity. The poor souls who had the misfortune to be anywehre near me at the RAFBF day at East Kirkby yesterday must have got bored of me talking about a Mossie graceing such events in the future.

    • 10/10/2012 10:07

      Thanks Ty, keep up the good work – as you know, it’s much appreciated. How could anyone be bored hearing about the Mossie?

  73. Steve Burton permalink
    25/09/2012 20:46

    Can’t wait to see the fruits of your most worthwhile labours gracing the skies once more – where she belongs. Good luck with the project, and hopefully you will find your way to Manston at some point, where I was lucky enough to sit in a Mosquito a few years ago.

  74. Skilly permalink
    28/09/2012 00:09

    Keeping you up to date from NZ – the Jerry Yagen DH98 Mosquito at Ardmore, KA114, successfully completed three flights yesterday!!!

    Looked and sounded beautiful.

    Just has to have the engine cowlings painted and she will be all ready for Saturday’s show.

    • 29/09/2012 14:17

      Rest assured we are watching events in New Zealand. Hopefully that will be us in a few years.

  75. 08/10/2012 20:15

    Wishing you all the best – the thought of a Mossie back in the skies is truly wonderful!

  76. Andy Laing permalink
    09/10/2012 10:07

    A truly wonderful idea getting a mossie back in UK skies would be a remarkable feat and boost the interest of many In our aviation heritage. Good on you good luck!

  77. Ian Fagg permalink
    09/10/2012 11:26

    As a keen worker for the Farnborough Air museum (FAST) I am so pleased to see this project start. The Mosquito being one of my favourite a/c. New Zealand have launched a new flying replica which will end up in USA, so it is right that the UK should have a flight worthy version of this Iconic a/c and being a restoration will add a real sense of history to the project. Well done and good luck

    • 10/10/2012 10:01

      Thanks for your words of support Ian. We too think it’s high time we had one of these wonderful aircraft flying in the UK again and are working towards that goal.

  78. Andrew Crosby permalink
    09/10/2012 22:33

    An excellent project, I can’t offer much but will make a donation and spread the word. Aircraft like this are part of our heritage and every effort should be made to keep them flying. Just watching your film clip and listening to the Merlin engines as it flies by is an absolute pleasure. I look forward to seeing her fly again in the not too distant future.

    • 10/10/2012 10:04

      Thanks for your support Andrew. You’re right – it’s about our heritage, and we are working hard to get a Mossie back in British skies.

  79. 13/10/2012 10:07

    Latest update with regard to DH Mosquito HJ767 :

    The field has been harvested and a ‘sweep’ will take place before the ‘winter’ crop is planted at Bunny. The memorial brass plaque to the aircraft and it’s tragic crew, to be displayed in the church at Bunny is going to be blessed’ at 6pm on the 11th of November 2012. Wing Cdr. Bill Ramsey is most welcome to attend if he can make it, along with anyone else. I understand via a phone call today, that the remains of the aircraft will be on display also in the adjoining hall. It would appear, that the aircraft was operated by 605 Squadron and that included an American pilot, and the aircraft had a ‘kill’ a JU88 !!

  80. David Ashworth permalink
    16/10/2012 18:49

    Whilst I admire the people concerned here and strongly support this project I do share other people’s concern that this particular NF variant aircraft will not be “a typical Mosquito”. There will doubtedless be enough challenges in store without making the task more difficult still by choosing this option. One of the key characteristics of “The Wooden Wonder” was its wonderous original appearance. I wonder if XH558 would have won the hearts of the British public if it had exhibited a thimble nose? Appearance matters – a lot! I do appreciate that it is not easy to find an alternative but if this particular “restoration” is virtually a total rebuild then why bother – why not reincarnate a 100% replica of the shape we all know and love. Having said this, is it really totally impossible to take an existing Mossie in a museum somewhere and get that flying?

    • 18/10/2012 09:51

      Hi David, and thank you for your kind support and also your passion for all things Mosquito. Yes the ‘wooden wonder’ was a superb looking aeroplane; to many the most beautiful is the fighter bomber version. Certainly the most wanted variant desired, we suspect, to return to the UK skies. RL249 was designed as a night-fighter, whilst we understand the view it was not the most attractive of aircraft, the night fighter played a massive role in Britain’s air defences and also in the intruder role over Europe. The night fighter equipped many squadrons of the RAF in WW2 and was only replaced in the mid-1950’s when the jets finally caught up! We also want to restore as close as possible to the original OEM for the identity. However we welcome your comments and will consider them with others received in this area. It also tells the story that she was the first truly multi-role combat aircraft. Look we could have chosen the TT.39! Look that one up under ‘ugly & weird’.

      In terms of taking an existing museum Mosquito, then, yes please if you can persuade one to be donated! However the CAA will require full reconstruction of all wood construction and critical flying controls. So only the airworthy metal bits, instruments and rarer pieces e.g. spinner backing plates, gun bay latches etc could be re-used.

      Hope this answers your questions.

  81. Ken Stringer permalink
    16/10/2012 20:51

    Now that it looks unlikely that “The Peoples Vulcan” will remain airworthy after next year perhaps aviation enthusiasts will transfer their support to another icon of aviation history “The Peoples Mosquito”?

    • 18/10/2012 09:54

      Thanks for your comment. As individuals we are all great supporters of XH558: a beautiful sight and an awesome sound, and she will be very sadly missed. Of course we would welcome her supporters with open arms when the time comes!

  82. 16/10/2012 23:03

    I found out about this project a little while ago, quietly following it with interest and thought I’d say hi. My great uncle was RM Clarkson (OBE) the chief aerodynamicist at de Havilland and was heavily involved in the design of the Mosquito as one of the lead designers of the team during the war and beyond. It’s been a while since I last saw one flying, and heard the wonderful thumping of the engines across the skies with those twin Merlins. Looking forwards to seeing how it all progresses!

    • 18/10/2012 09:59

      Hi to you Hamish, and thanks for showing interest. It seems we owe a debt of gratitude to your great uncle, and we look forward to putting his work to very good use in due course. Thanks for getting in touch.

  83. bomberharris permalink
    18/10/2012 10:34

    I simply cannot believe that the well-meaning people behind this potentially exciting project are still talking about constructing an ugly nosed version of this beautiful aircraft. Please, please join the world the rest of us live in and focus on a standard bomber or fighter bomber version.

    • 20/10/2012 08:55

      Thanks for your comment. See our earlier comment above for the reasoning behind going for the night fighter variant.

  84. bomberharris permalink
    20/10/2012 10:02

    All the comments and reasoning in the world will not alter the inevitable, that most people will be against financially supporting the wrong aircraft.

  85. Samantha Richards permalink
    20/10/2012 10:05

    Hi I simply cannot wait to see a mosquito flying in uk air space again. It’s been 16 years since I saw RR299 fly over The mosquito museum :) it will happen I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed. Keep up the good work and bring the wooden wonder back into our sky’s x

  86. Steve W permalink
    20/10/2012 12:25

    Why all the questions about the nose? As long as she flies again I will not complain! The most important point is the guys doing this are doing it or the love of the aeroplane and are rightly keeping the aeroplane original. Good luck to all involved and to those who would prefer a fighter bomber, find one, get some backing and do it yourself!!

  87. Phil Dyer permalink
    20/10/2012 22:53

    I grew up near BAE and always ran out into the garden when I heard thoses engines. This is great news and I’ll give my support 100%. Keep up the good work

  88. david elvidge permalink
    24/10/2012 22:32

    Can you tell us just what you have been gifted from this Mosquito? all we know is its about 10% , just where is the manufacturers serial plate on a Mossie? on a Spitfire its attached to frame 5,so if you have that you can rebuild a new Spitfire using that identity. Mossie KA114 was not a complete airframe when it arrived in New Zealand ,engines and cowls I m sure being amongst the metal work added from other airframes, in the successful rebuild. Glyn Powells Mossie I don t think will be built from one complete airframe, but a collection of metal parts from various airframes . So where does your identity come from?
    The NF36 was too late for war time service,so I m sure you would get more support for an example used during the war, a NF X111 for instance?!at least a prettier nose!

  89. bomberharris permalink
    25/10/2012 10:18

    All good points from David. KA114 is closer to an FB6 than the Canadian built FB26 it is meant to be. It doesn’t even have Packard built Merlins never mind the original engines. The USA now has a flyable FB6 (in effect) so I believe that most support for a British Mosquito would be for a standard bomber version – probably a B4.

  90. 25/10/2012 13:15

    Undoubtedly, people have their favourite Mark of Mosquito (just as they have their favourite Spitfire); for example, I would like an early NF.II. The situation is, however, that until someone gives us the identity and remains of a B.IV, we can’t restore one. We have the remains and identity of an NF.36, so that is what we are going with. Had we been donated a B.IV, or an FB.VI or a PR.XVI then we would have approached the CAA on that basis.

  91. Andy Laing permalink
    25/10/2012 13:33

    I’ve been following the comments here with interest and find some of the critiscisms unjust. Many people will have their favourites and would love to see a particular model again. The point is that there are a few people who have got together, given up their time (and I dare say money) and are trying hard to restore with what they can, an aircraft that is old, so that we, the public, can once again see a mossie grace our skies. Does it really matter what model it is? does it make that much of a difference? Surely ANY flying mossie is good. These people need support and encouragement not discouraging from what they have set out to do. I personally applaued them and wish them the very best. I for one would love to see a mossie of any mark in the air again.

    • 25/10/2012 15:53

      Thanks for your support Andy. You’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head – does it really matter what mark it is as long as we get a Mossie back in the air?

  92. Andrew Crosby permalink
    25/10/2012 15:35

    I agree, where everyone is entitled to their opinion about what would be good or maybe in their opinion better. I think it is important to avoid being negative towards this project. Some of the comments I have seen on this forum almost suggest a campaign against it. Please do not spread negativity around something which is positive just because it’s not exactly what you want. If you wish to support them great, it will be greatly appreciated I’m sure, if you don’t want to support it that’s fine too, but don’t discourage others from doing so with negative comments.

  93. bomberharris permalink
    25/10/2012 17:53

    I must be missing something here. Why would the CAA wish to dictate the shape of the nose? Since the airframe would be completely new anyway, the choice would be down to the builder, not the CAA. By all means construct a night fighter, but incorporate a standard nose. If the CAA object to using the original NF36 identity on such a configuration, simply acknowledge that it is a replica and use other markings. It is still just as much a Mosquito as the superb KA114.

    Please do not misunderstand my comments. They are made with the best of intentions. To me, the loss of RR299 was the worst moment ever for the historic aircraft movement. It is long overdue for replacement. Let’s get the replacement right.

  94. 31/10/2012 21:30

    Exciting news to hear of this project. I wish you every success and look forward to following your progress, plus ultimately seeing a DH Mosquito gracing the skies of Britain again.

  95. Robin permalink
    08/11/2012 09:03

    Has anyone else seen the proposed aquisition of a second flyable Mosquito form NZ by the Actions Staions company – flying with a Mossie – 3 years ? In Nov’s Aeroplane. Any scope to combine efforts ?

  96. 08/11/2012 23:01

    Urgent, could the TPM get a message to Graham Norbury via the e-mail address I’ve left at the TPM Contact point, regarding a member of the ‘project’ attending a dedication service for two crew members of Mosquito HJ767 which at the Bunny parish church Bunny Nottinghamshire at 6pm on sunday the11th.

    • 09/11/2012 13:56

      Would the TPM like their name ‘added’ to the card with the poppy’s placed at the crash site ?

  97. 16/11/2012 00:21

    Great news about getting Mosquito flying again. I live in Kettering and in my youth I use to see the last Mosquito flying over going to air shows. I have seen most war birds flying and all need to be in are skys and keep them flying. A lass I do not have skills to give support but I will find ways in my own way to help to get her flying. I look forward to hearing a twin again from a Mosquito and not if but when the day comes for first air display I be in the crawled with my support the Mosquito to good not to fly again.

  98. Kieran permalink
    21/11/2012 14:22

    Wow, this is truly an amazing plan to have a Mozzy back in flight in the UK. I have fond childhood memories of them as my Grandpa was a Mosquito instrument technician, fixing them during WWII. He loved the plane a lot and has various Mozzy related items and pictures etc. As a child I also went to various airshows and saw various old aircraft and I’ve always preferred WWII propeller driven fighters as jets have never really inspired my imagination. It would just be absolutely brilliant to have a flying Mozzy in the UK as part of the BBMF. My only regret would be that I doubt my Grandpa will be alive when its done as he recently took a turn for the worst.
    Good luck with the restoration :-)

    • 26/11/2012 12:37

      Thanks Kieran! We’re planning to set up a “Mossie Memories” section on the site – maybe your Grandpa would like to contribute with some of his memories? We’ll announce the launch of the page on Twitter and Facebook when we get it set up.

  99. Danny permalink
    22/11/2012 15:02

    It would be fantastic to see such a legendary plane flying again. I hope we’ll see a fundraising stand at the next Shoreham Airshow, you’ll get massive support!

    • 26/11/2012 12:38

      Thanks Danny. We’re going to be starting fundraising soon – and we hope to be at many of the airshows next year, so maybe see you there!

  100. 01/12/2012 11:19

    As an ex de Havilland Apprentice I am thrilled that such a project as restoring a Mosquito to flying condition in UK is now in prospect. Having seen the fantastic efforts achieved in New Zealand we must have something similar to display in this country.
    I am a member of the de Havilland Aeronautical Technical College Association that has about 550 members. let me know what I can do to be involved and to promote the scheme.

    Good luck

    Roger Coasby

  101. Nick Morley permalink
    21/12/2012 03:38

    Hat tip to Shortfinals for showing me this site. My 88yr old Mum worked as draftman’s assistant on the MOS during WWII. When I next see her in January I will show her this site. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • 04/01/2013 20:54

      Thanks Nick. If she has any memories she’d like to share we’d be happy to publish them here.

  102. Matt Tozer permalink
    01/01/2013 14:28

    I would wonderful, woodenly wonderful, to have a Mossie flying regularly again in the UK. I look forward to following this project and doing everything that I can to support it.


  103. Lucy permalink
    04/01/2013 20:20

    Hi, I would just like to say that I would love for my children to see a mosquito, like the one navigated by their great grandfather, flying over the UK. It would be great for this special aircraft to take its well deserved place back in the skies. Best wishes for your project.

    • 04/01/2013 20:51

      Thanks Lucy. Watch this space.

      • DAVID ELVIDGE permalink
        05/01/2013 14:39

        Great now that Jerry Yagen s KA114 has flown, and Glyn Powells FB41 will be coming to the UK to display and operate with action stations. Are you part of Stephen Burts group? or are you hoping to assist with his project ? or are you still hoping to raise the necessary funding to go it alone?Back to an earlier comment made by me some time ago, just where is the manufacturers construction plate on a Mosquito?


      • 06/01/2013 14:27

        Hello David,

        As Project Lead your enquiry has come through to me:

        No we are not part of Steve Burt’s group. In terms of the much publicized article on Glyn’s aircraft and ‘action stations’ we understand matters and circumstances may have changed but I cannot comment further. But yes we have been in contact with Steve and other Mosquito projects to co-operate, share and work together so all projects benefit. Our rule is to help not compete.

        Yes we are planning to fundraise as TPM.

        I believe we replied on the plate previously sorry if not received. (Apologies – this may have been an oversight on my part – Ed.) All WW2 Mosquitos did not carry a manufacturer’s data plate; very unusual. We are investigating why. Post war aircraft manufacturer plates were found on a bulkhead in the cockpit area and I believe also on a section of the wing spar.

        Kind Regards,

        John Lilley
        Project Lead

  104. Jeremy permalink
    26/01/2013 02:03

    I wish you all the very best of luck and, like others here, feel that if the Vulcan can be brought back to flight with so much public support then so can your Mosquito.

    I am puzzled however by the lack of any information and photographs of the aircraft itself. Without eg. pictures of the remnants of the aircraft or a write-up of the aircraft’s operational history, there is no sense of the challenge faced and it leaves the whole site with a bit of an ‘unreal’ feel to it. I suggest it will really help the project if you show the people what it is you want to invest in. (My support and wallet stands ready…)

    • 30/01/2013 08:37

      Thank you Jeremy. We will be publishing further information on the rebuild as things progress. At the moment we are putting the foundations in place to support the engineering work. Keep your wallet handy :o)

  105. Mike Batho permalink
    03/02/2013 10:48

    Have just read an article in todays Sunday Post regarding the Peoples Mosquito. Since I was a boy, it has always been my favourite WW2 aircraft, because of its beautiful lines. I think this is a tremendous project, and your estimated cost of £5M ( in comparison the toe Vulcan to the Skies project) is not nearly as frightenig. When can I contribute, and have you decided on a base? I wish the project every success. Mike

    • 06/02/2013 17:39

      Thanks for your comment Mike. We are shortly going to be launching donations via an online fundraising system. We will announce this publicly on Facebook and Twitter when it’s up and running. As far as a base, no, we haven’t decided on that yet. It will depend on a number of things, such as appropriate engineering support etc. Again, this will be announced when a decision has been made. The main manufacturing will take place in New Zealand, but fitting out is currently planned to take place in the UK.

  106. mike pocock permalink
    01/03/2013 11:07

    this is the best news since hearing lanc nx 611,is to fly again,living not too far away from St Albans,my friend and I visit the Mosquito museum their.I have missed not seeing a mossie in the air for many years,so cant wait to see this fly.Good luck.

  107. David permalink
    07/03/2013 23:01

    Ive just recently found out about this wonderful and exciting project,this is one of the most important aircraft in military history,the very best of luck and Im sure in can be done given the tremendous effort in New Zealand,the Mossie was just as vital as the Spitfire and Lancaster

  108. 19/03/2013 19:55

    Like others I have only just found out about this project, it is long overdue.
    Do you intend to promote it at airshows etc. As membership secretary of the Andover branch of the Light Aircraft Association, I would be only too pleased to do a bit to assist.
    I trained as a cabinet maker and currently work (albeit retired) for a small company rebuilding Tiger Moths.
    More power to your elbow.

    • 20/03/2013 11:29

      Thanks for getting in touch Keith, and your kind offer of help. Yes we do plan to promote the project at airshows and will be looking for volunteers to help in due course. Your name has been noted. Rebuilding Tiger Moths! The perfect retirement…

  109. Peter Sketchley permalink
    01/04/2013 17:57

    Like many others I have just discovered this project. I am a life long fan of the Mosquito and credit my uncle with my enthusiasm for aviation history. He was Thomas William Adamson, he was a carpenter who worked on the prototype at Salisbury Hall, and then flew as a navigator on Mosquito’s in Burma. I am the very proud owner of a 1971 invitation to attend the acceptance ceremony of TA634 at Salisbury Hall, especially as it is autographed by John Cunningham. I would wish you and the project every success and look forward to supporting you in the small way that I can. Peter. Duxford.

    • 02/04/2013 09:05

      Hi Peter, Thanks for getting in touch and for your words of encouragement. Fascinating to hear of your family links to the Mosquito. We’d love to see that invitation – any chance you could share it on our Facebook group page? ( A number of us will be around at Duxford at the Spring airshow, so maybe we’ll see you there!

      Thanks again for getting touch.

  110. Peter Sketchley permalink
    02/04/2013 17:27

    Hi, thanks for your response. I am afraid I don’t do Facebook, but I could scan the invitation and attach to an appropriate email address.

  111. David Balaam permalink
    11/04/2013 19:08

    I wish you every success with this project. I’m retired RAF (37 years) and although I served on several squadrons operating a variety of jet aircraft, the Mosquito is still my favourite. My Father was a wartime RAF engine mechanic and worked on both Lancasters and Mosquitos (he loved to talk about the “Wooden Wonder”). We now live in France and there is a wartime 248 Squadron Mosquito crew buried in the next village who are still remembered and honoured every November and May by the local community. So, let’s see your Mosquito in the air!

  112. H.G.Witney permalink
    20/05/2013 16:19

    Harry Witney-DH-Hatfield 1945-1990 Worked on last of production Mossies and also Hornets servicing etc. Nice to think one more could be flying again. Bit too old at 85 to offer any assistance, but very best luck. H.Witney, inspection no. DH313

    • 25/05/2013 11:11

      Greetings Harry, and many thanks you for your kind message of support. You must have seen some sights we can only dream of! It’s in honour of people like you and of your generation that we’re doing this. Never too old! Thanks again.

  113. Harry G Witney--DH Insp. no DH313 permalink
    20/05/2013 16:25

    Ex Hatfield 1945-1990- worked on last of prod. Mossies also servicing and on Hornets. Nice to think another one could be flying in the not too distant future.They were;nt designed to be easy to work on.Wishing you very best in your project. Bit too old at 85 to offer to assist.

  114. MICHAEL PARROTT permalink
    21/07/2013 20:21

    What a fantastic project – I hope Arthur Williams will be able to help as an ambassador. I have a book about the 307 RAF Polish Squadron being published in 2 weeks time, a night fighter squadron that flew Mosquito (as well as Defiants and Beaufighters). Having learnt about their exploits in the Mossies I have great respect to both the airmen and the aircraft itself. Best of luck with the project.

    • 22/07/2013 10:50

      Hi Michael, thanks for your comment and support. We agree, and hope Arthur can get involved. Let us know when your book is out and where we can get hold of a copy. We would be very happy to “tweet” a link to our followers for you. Thanks again.

      • MICHAEL PARROTT permalink
        22/07/2013 12:14

        Hi, I will let you know when the book is out – many thanks for the kind offer to tweet a link – greatly appreciated. Michael

      • 22/07/2013 12:20

        A pleasure.

  115. Mike Dignum permalink
    21/07/2013 21:02

    Its about time we had a Mosquito was fully flying in this country. Just saw the programme on Channel 4 about the plane and the only flying Mosquito in the USA. Best of Luck.

    • 22/07/2013 10:51

      Hi Mike – thanks, we agree! Hope you enjoyed the documentary as much as we did. It seems to have gone down really well and has caused a bit of a Mossie buzz!

  116. 22/07/2013 19:29

    Just watched 633 squadron,just to wet my appitite.This film was made at Bovingdon airfield,Herts,only 5 mins away from where I live.

    • 24/07/2013 10:22

      Yes, just a shame they destroyed some many flyable airframes in the making of it. Aah, the wonders of hindsight…

    • shortfinals permalink
      24/07/2013 13:31

      The even later film (1969) ‘Mosquito Squadron’ was also shot at Bovingdon, and used some of the same airframes, including the late, lamented RR299.

  117. Gary Pearson permalink
    22/07/2013 20:05

    I have just watched the recent programme on the Mosquito, what a pleasure it was to view. It is long overdue for us to have our own flying Mosquito and pay tribute to a real aviation hero.It has long been my favourite plane of the Second World War and a real unsung hero. Fingers crossed for the future.
    Gary Pearson

  118. Peter permalink
    22/07/2013 21:58

    Having always been a Mossie lover I am encouraged to know about this project. There seems to be a Mossie love-in growing, with an FHC Mosquito in NZ to be restored for Paul Allen. I have to ask however, why use an airframe of which you have only 10% as a base, when it might be possible to procure a current static from somewhere ?

    • 24/07/2013 10:26

      Hi Peter, thanks for your comment. Hope this goes some way to answer your question re static airframes;

      1. CAA want any UK flying Mosquito made from new build fuselage and wings. Which as integral to structural safety is a must! We can be romantic as you want wishing to fly a 75 year old piece of spruce & ply with glue not designed to last more than the operational flying in the RAF; problem is there are no engineering tests or records of flying ‘wooden’ aircraft that old; unlike metallurgy of which there is tons of data. So you can take off the bits to refurbish and overall though; e.g. engines, props and ailerons etc.

      2. Asking USAF and other national museums (E.g. Bodo in Norway) to part with their original product to restore is very tough! Although replacing theirs with a replica static is a good solution the museums don’t see it this way and want original aircraft.

      Cheers and thanks for the support.

  119. 05/08/2013 16:12

    An amazing project and i will do all that I can to support it. Badge on my website already. I was wondering whether there might be an opportunity to communicate the massive contribution of the Polish Airforce who flew Mosquitoes during WW2. Might the airmen of 305 and 307 squadrons be recognised and honoured in some way as part of this fantastic endeavour?

    • MICHAEL PARROTT permalink
      05/08/2013 16:37

      I will gladly provide info on 307 Squadron if needs be. I live in Exeter where 307 Squadron was based between 1941-1943. I have just had a book published (my first ever) all about 307 Squadron who flew Mosquitoes.

      • 05/08/2013 21:39

        Hello Michael. Put me down for a copy please. I met the daughter of one of the airmen (he settled in Accrington after the war) and have always wanted to learn more. Best wishes and good luck with the book. Greg

  120. MICHAEL PARROTT permalink
    05/08/2013 22:01

    Hello Greg. Brilliant. I can certainly post you a copy – email me for more info –

  121. David permalink
    09/08/2013 20:21

    hi guys, big mossie fan and would love to see one in UK, very jealous of yanks and kiwis, cant wait to see how funds are going to be raised, as an ex rolls Royce man would love to see them help out with this project, would love to help myself but live in Scotland, engines are my thing and my good friend who is now retired still tells me of when he used to know the firing sequence for a merlin of by heart, good luck and god speed

    • 23/08/2013 12:51

      Funds are going to be raised in various ways – as many ways as we can think of – but initially public and corporate donation and corporate sponsorship being the main sources. Other than that we will be looking at some sort of membership scheme, possibly subscription based, and also we will be launching a range of branded merchandise. There are other avenues that we will be looking at in time, but the aforementioned are the sources that we are currently looking into prior to launching fundraising.
      Thanks for your interest and support.

  122. 23/08/2013 12:59

    Hi, The main manufacturing processes will be carried out in New Zealand. However once those key processes are complete, the construction and fitting out will take place in the UK. We are not settled on a location yet as this will depend on a number of factors to be determined. Follow us here or on Facebook and/or Twitter to keep up to date with progress. Keep in touch, as we will need skilled volunteers as the project moves forward. We have put your name on our list, so will be in touch at some future point.
    Thanks for your interest.

  123. Richard Silman permalink
    10/09/2013 21:26

    Seems a worthwhile project. I have a Mosquito nose cone in my garden installed as a planter by a previous owner, seems intact complete with cama. paint. My father worked on Mosquito air frames at Parnalls Bristol.
    Richard S

    • 11/09/2013 07:34

      Hi Richard, thanks for your support. Would love to see a picture of that planter!

    • 11/09/2013 16:45

      Hi Richard, your planter seems to have stirred up a bit of excitement amongst certain members of the team. One of the team will be in touch with you shortly.

  124. david elvidge permalink
    11/09/2013 22:03

    Hi Nick, reference Richards planter, I would like to recreate a Mossie cockpit section that could be used to publicise the flying Mossie project, so if Richard would part with the nose cone that would be a great start.

  125. Richard Foinette permalink
    18/09/2013 09:25

    It does not seem right that the only flying Mosquito is in the US. I wish you every success in your project. I was lucky enough to see one flying back in the 70s -what a sight and sound. It would be even better if it could become part of the BBMF.

    • 19/09/2013 16:11

      Hi Richard, thanks for your support. We agree and we intend to get one flying in the UK as soon as we feasibly can.

  126. J Varty permalink
    20/10/2013 16:16

    I came to this website because of some link with Wrighton Aircraft Ltd. I am researching the company because I have a Mosquito Tray in Hand-made Inlaid marquetry by Mr Faulkner. Can anyone help me.

    • 31/10/2013 12:35

      Hi, thanks for your comment. If you could send us more info on the tray (to we would happily mention it on our Facebook page to see if anyone can help.

    • J. Crump permalink
      20/01/2014 01:12

      I have a Mosquito Tray in Hand-made inlaid marquetry by Mr. Faulkner as well. I would be interested to know more about it.

      • 22/01/2014 14:33

        Hi, thanks for your comment. As we said to J Varty, we would be happy to post something on our Facebook page to see if we can find out a bit more about your tray from any of our followers. A picture and some more information would be helpful.

  127. Hugo Conrad permalink
    27/10/2013 03:19

    Have you contacted the American billionaire Kirk Kerkorian for financial help? As a teenager he learned to fly from Pancho Barnes and within a few months of gaining his license he volunteered (for pay, of course) to fly the Canadian-built Mossie from the factory to Scotland often flying the ‘Wave’. He made 32 flights and after WW2 parlayed those Mossie earnings into a charter service flying gamblers to Las Vegas… and from there-on became exceedingly wealthy. Just a thought.

    • 31/10/2013 12:36

      Hi, thanks for your comment. No, we have not been in touch with Mr Kerkorian, but will definitely keep him in mind when it comes to fundraising. Thanks for the suggestion.

  128. Brian pagett permalink
    09/11/2013 15:09

    Just watched Yagens Mossie on channel 4, would love to see one fly over Britain. Wish you well in this endeavour………

  129. Linda Meredith permalink
    22/11/2013 21:28

    I sincerely hope you achieve your goal. It would be amazing to see one of these beautiful aircraft take to the skies again. A living tribute to the brave. Lest we forget.

  130. Dave Hunt permalink
    27/11/2013 20:02

    At long last, can’t wait to get involved well done. A fitting tribute to all who played a part in her design, building, flying, and maintaining these beautiful aeroplanes.

    Dave Hunt (licensed aircraft engineer BA,)

    • 28/11/2013 16:22

      Hi Dave, thanks for getting in touch to show your support. If you are interested in getting “hands on” at a later stage as far as the engineering element of the project goes, please drop us a line at, with details of your experience and background and what sort of help you would be happy to offer as we are compiling a list of potential “ground crew”. It will be a while before we will be in a position to need your engineering skills but we are always on the look out for the right people to join the team.
      Nick Horrox

  131. John permalink
    02/02/2014 22:33

    This is fantastic news !! Just stumbled onto the website and will now be following closely .

  132. 11/02/2014 00:25

    We would like to place a page and promote the work you are doing, perhaps you could email me a press release to assist in creating a page?
    Kelvin at

    • 11/02/2014 09:35

      Hi Kelvin – thanks for getting in touch and your kind offer. We will get back to you via email.

      Nick Horrox

  133. Barry A Triplett permalink
    21/02/2014 07:48

    Not much to add, just a loud “Hear, Hear!” When you have your donation platform working, I will send a few bob.

    Barry Triplett

    • 21/02/2014 22:16

      Thanks Barry. We should be launching our fundraising very soon. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or Twitter.
      Nick Horrox

  134. Norm Sheppard permalink
    14/03/2014 23:04

    “Britain and Britons deserve to have a Mosquito in the air. Never give up hope on such a noble cause. Norm Sheppard, Vice President, Turnbull NB Chapter, Canadian Aviation Historical Society.”

    • 15/03/2014 12:23

      Thanks for your note of support Norm, it is much appreciated. The CAHS and organisations like it are an inspiration to us. We won’t give up!
      Nick Horrox, and the rest of the team at The People’s Mosquito

  135. robert peel denmark permalink
    15/03/2014 12:38

    yes a UK Mossie would be perfect, i know where you can buy one


  136. Sam Zerafa permalink
    17/03/2014 21:19

    Any chance of showing us photos of RL249 and its remains
    please ?

  137. Simon Baker. permalink
    22/03/2014 10:41

    I can’t wait to see the aeroplane that my grandpa flew, flying in the sky. My dad says that one mossie sounds better than a dozen spitfires. Ewan aged 10.

    • 22/03/2014 16:00

      Hi Ewan, Thanks for your message – neither can we! :) Your Dad sounds a very sensible man. Tell him he’s got a good ear!

  138. Shinji Gordon Davison permalink
    25/04/2014 16:19

    My grandfather worked for De Havilland during the war and worked on the mosquito. I didn’t know this but back in Auckland New Zealand he helped as a volunteer rebuilding old war planes including the mosquito at the Keith Hay Park museum after the war when immigrated to New Zealand. It is a beautiful plane and for me the greatest plane made during the war. I have just seen a documentary tonight about the mosquito and was really reminded of my grandfather.

    • 25/04/2014 17:51

      Hi Shinji, That’s fascinating. Where did your grandfather work – Salisbury Hall, Hatfield, or one of the other plants? Have you read our ongoing series “The Wartime Diary of a de Havilland Engineer” ? It’s quite evocative of the period. Talking of Auckland, that is where our main work will take place once we start the build, which will be soon. Have you been in contact with The de Havilland Aeronautical Technical School, one of our Affiliates (see them at the lower part of the Affiliates page). Someone there may well have known or worked with your grandfather, you never know, it’s a small world!

      Thanks for getting in touch.


  139. Karen Parkins permalink
    27/04/2014 13:19

    Nice to be able to see it fly again

    • 27/04/2014 13:44

      Thanks – we think so too! Only five short years to wait…but lots of money to raise before we get there. Please spread the word. Thanks for your comment

  140. 29/04/2014 12:23

    So,we have started to cut timber,this is wonderfull news guys.Suddenly,its starting to look very real.Well done to you all.

    • 29/04/2014 13:36

      We are indeed. We are also fundraising to pay for it :-)

      • permalink
        29/04/2014 17:39

        In case it is missed from Face book, why don’t you send out an E mail reminder/update every month. I will support this as much as I can

        Good luck with the project Colin Boyles

      • 29/04/2014 17:45

        Thanks for your contribution Colin. We will continue push on Facebook, Twitter and other fronts. Email is a little harder as anti-spam filters tend to block unsolicted mail so we have to be careful. We are looking into it though. By the way, you can set continous monthly donations from PayPal – Steve

  141. Roger Leivers permalink
    05/05/2014 07:07

    Great site and a great tribute to this amazing aircraft and their crews. I work with our local Porch Museum in Godmanchester, Cambs and I’m researching a Mosquito (PF403) / 128 Squadron, which crashed near to our town on 10th Jan 1945 after a raid on Hannover. Can anyone give me any information on the two crew men who were killed.

    S/Ldr (63848) Ronald Frederick Leonard TONG (pilot) RAFVR – Son of Percy Charles and Doris Eva Tong; husband of Kathleen Patricia Tong (nee Humphreys), of Gravesend.

    F/Lt (128.616) Marie Joseph Marc LAGESSE DFC (nav.) RAFVR- Son of Jean Edesse Lagesse and Marie Madeleine Lagesse, of Curepipe, Mauritius. B. Sc. Econ. Barrister at Law.

    according to records both had been awarded the DFC, Ronald had two MID’s,,,
    Any background on these men and their operations would be GREATLY appreciated and would be included on new story boards to commemorate them

  142. Roger Thomas permalink
    07/06/2014 13:16

    A brilliant project. I just made a small donation. This is in memory of Mosquito navigator Flight Lieutenant Griffith Rogers (23 Squadron, Little Snoring) who died in a crash in Germany on September 18 1944, the day before his 35th birthday His friends, my parents, named me Roger Griffith Thomas, after him.

    • 09/06/2014 09:49

      Thanks for your support Roger. Part of our aim is to remember and honour those who served on Mosquitos.

  143. 08/06/2014 09:14

    Just made a small donation,being retired,i cant give a lot,but I will give more when I can.Anything to see a Mossie fly again.

  144. David permalink
    18/06/2014 13:10

    Come on everyone, support this project. We can’t have two flying on the North American continent and not one in Britain!

  145. 23/06/2014 17:50

    Please,all of you,support,this very good cause,make a donation
    ,no matter how small,lets get this Mossie in the air where she belongs,in honour to all the pilots and crew who flew them.Its been a long time since we have seen one in the air.My dad trained up for radio op / air gunner,sadly no longer with us.It would be lovely to see the B.B.M.F,NX 611 and a Mossie flying together,with your help,it could happen.

  146. 16/07/2014 12:23

    An excellent project, and one I will attempt to support via Twitter and other social media. I find it heartbreaking that no airworthy Mosquito remains in the UK, upon completion this project will thankfully correct that. I look forward to reading about how the restoration progresses.

  147. 16/07/2014 12:47

    Sorry if this has been asked before,but where are you going to get two airworthy Merlins from ?

    • 16/07/2014 13:51

      There are a few suppliers of refurbished Merlin engines. Actually this is probably the least problematical area of the restoration. We have not placed an order yet.

  148. 18/07/2014 08:10

    Thanks for the reply,i have seen the four Merlins up at East Kirkby,and they look lovely,cant wait to see yours.Also my “T” shirt arrived yesterday,its lovely,thankyou,i will wear it with pride.

  149. 07/08/2014 11:31

    Another £10 on the way to you,being retired,i,ll give what I can,when I can.Just hope it helps.

  150. 07/08/2014 11:34

    I,ll be wearing my “Mossie” “T” shirt at East Kirkby airfield on the 7th Sept,just to help put the word around.

  151. Mark Elston permalink
    18/08/2014 08:15

    It will be great to see & hear the Mosquito at UK airshows again.I miss the sight & sound of the lovely Mosquito & had fond memories that I captured on video.It was a tragic when the last Mosquito crashed at Barton with the sad loss of its crew.I donated a bit of money at the Sywell Airshow & when I start a new job I will gladly donate more.Roll on wooden wonder carn,t wait to see you fly again!!

    • 18/08/2014 09:38

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your donation. Yes – it will be great to see and hear the Mossie again, and we’ll try to make that happen as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.

  152. Brian Dawes permalink
    28/08/2014 11:43

    Brilliant concept – my uncle: Ft Lt (I think) Jack Evelyn Dawes who died in WW2 flew Mosquitos so this means a lot to me

    • 28/08/2014 12:41

      Hi Brian, Thanks for your comment. The People’s Mosquito will be a flying memorial to your uncle and all those who built, maintained and flew the Mosquito. Thanks for your support.

  153. 05/09/2014 12:14

    great to hear about your mosquito looking forward to seeing her fly, my father loved this plane when in RAF. this country should do more to remember what our fathers did for their country. good luke and see you at eastkirkby at the weekend. will you have a stall selling badges ect . David Coles

    • 05/09/2014 12:17

      Hi David. Thanks for your support. We will have car stickers and hopefully pin badges at the EK event.

  154. Roger Newall permalink
    08/09/2014 09:00

    My dad flew PR Mosquito’s for 13 Squadron in Egypt after WW2. I’ve never seen one flying so it will be great to see this come to fruition. Good luck to all involved, you have my full support

  155. 08/09/2014 16:48

    Well,as I said earlier”i will be wearing my Mossie “T” shirt” at East Kirkby,and thanks to the great weather,i did,Guys,it was well nice to meet you all,and as I told you,living so near to Sailsbury Hall,the Mossie means so much to me.

    • 09/09/2014 11:01

      Hi – Nice to meet you too and thanks for wearing your TPM t-shirt and showing your support for the project.

  156. shortfinals permalink
    08/09/2014 16:50

    Hi Roger! As far as I can ascertain, your Dad flew the Mosquito PR. 34 with No. 13 Sqn in Egypt. They were based at Kabrit, a base which they shared with a couple of Mosquito NF.36 nightfighter squadrons. No 13 Squadron were shortly to convert to the Meteor PR.10. Ross

    • Roger Newall permalink
      10/09/2014 16:01

      Hi Ross, thank you for that information. We still have dad’s logbook in the family with all his flights/times etc. Makes for interesting reading from when he joined the RAF in 1943 to when he left 10 years later.

  157. Ian Brown permalink
    10/09/2014 18:53

    I would love to hear and see a Mosquito flying in the skies above Britain once again.I grew up a couple of miles down the road from where the last flying British example of this “wooden wonder” was based in Broughton, Flintshire. We used to hear the wonderful roar of those engines .most days as kids.I remember the day it crashed sadly killing both people on board and it would be a great tribute to those two men and the brave aircrew who flew this fantastic aircraft.

    • 11/09/2014 09:55

      Thanks Ian. With your support, we hope to provide a tribute to all the aircrews who flew the Mosquito.

  158. shortfinals permalink
    10/09/2014 20:30

    Dear Roger, the family has a very interesting document there. Please keep in touch with TPM and I would be delighted if you could point other family members to the site, too.

  159. Scott Goring permalink
    11/09/2014 09:46

    A great website and a great project. Wishing you all the very best of luck and I can’t wait to see a Mozzie back in the skies! I did manage to pop into the stall at East Kirkby, but there were so many people in there showing interest I didn’t get chance to say hello!

    • 11/09/2014 09:57

      Thanks Scott. It was a bit busy at times. We are at Duxford this weekend if that’s any use to you, but if not, and you have any specific questions about the project, please let us know.

  160. adrian lea permalink
    16/09/2014 11:44

    was chatting to one of your team at a 3 Lanc’s event recently.Very imformative really hope to see a Mosquito flying in british skies again

    • 16/09/2014 13:27

      Hi Adrian – We too hope to see one flying in the UK. Of course it all comes down to whether we can raise the funds to get there and that depends on as many people knowing about the project as possible. So please tell your friends and family about what we’re doing and ask them to spread the word. Thank you.

  161. Adrian Vidgen permalink
    18/09/2014 08:25

    What a fantastic project. The Mossie is such an iconic aircraft and an essential part of the military heritage of this country. We must have one flying here again.and I wish you every success.

    • 18/09/2014 08:34

      Hi Adrian and thanks for your support. We agree with your sentiment and you can help us get a Mossie flying by telling everyone you know about the project and pointing them at our website. At the end of the day, it will all come down to people digging in their pockets.
      Many thanks.

  162. 22/09/2014 13:11

    I was at “The Great Central Railway” on Sunday,attending a show with my classic lorry,and I had a few comments from people regarding my” Mossie” “T” shirt I was wearing.So,now,people Who are into railways,know about our “Mossie”.

  163. Clive Grievson permalink
    24/09/2014 16:36

    Hi I used to fly with an ex Mossie pilot in my first flying job. Saw the RR one flying at Hatfield when they were still building Tridents. Sent you an e-mail saying I have a fund raising idea if you are interested but no reply yet. Looking forward to seeing one flying over here again.

  164. 26/09/2014 11:48

    Just found you here and on FB after a tipoff from a friend. I’m an ex-RAF Avionics Engineer and the Mossie is a firm favourite of mine. I followed the build of KA114 with great interest culminating in travelling to Hamilton Air show last year to see her fly first hand. My Moms cousin is a New Zealander now living in Dorset who is now in his 90’s. He was a Mossie pilot during WWII, drinking a pint with him is very interesting! His logbook documents a ferry trip from the UK to NZ, one of the first and longest of it’s kind in the day. Anyway, I’ve sent you £50 and wish you all the very best with this incredibly important project.

    • 26/09/2014 12:10

      Hi Simon, Thanks for getting in touch and for your generous donation. interested to hear more about your Mum’s cousin. Which Squadron did he fly with? – The ferry flight sounds like a bit of a long slog, would love to hear some details. Maybe we could write a post about it? Thanks again. Nick

      • 26/09/2014 14:06

        Hi Nick. Thanks for your interest. We’re visiting him the weekend 3 – 5th Oct so I’ll try and get some more info for you. Cheers, Simon

  165. 26/09/2014 15:29

    Many thanks. Look forward to hearing from you. Nick

  166. iain schofield permalink
    16/10/2014 14:22

    Well I have seen one thing this summer that I thought I never would, namely two Lancaster’s flying directly over my house on there way from Southport Airshow, just a brilliant sight !!!!. Now we need to press on and get our own example of the prettiest aircraft ever built back in the air. Good luck to all those involved in the project, I just wish that I had the skill sets to be involved

    • 16/10/2014 14:51

      Thanks for your support Iain. The thing about our project is that anyone can get involved – don’t forget: it’s not called The People’s Mosquito for nothing. You don’t have to be an aero engineer, carpenter or pilot to be involved. There’s plenty to be done long before those skills will be required. What we need at the moment – and the more we have the better – are people who can spread the word at every opportunity – be it on Twitter, on Facebook or down the pub on a Sunday lunchtime. All the information you need to share is on the website – particularly on our Plan page (see the menu bar at the top). You can share the regular updates we put out on the social media by retweeting (if you’re on Twitter) or sharing on Facebook or Google+. On top of this, you might be aware that we started fundraising this year and attended some airshows in the summer. Next year we want to attend more and are looking for willing volunteers to man a TPM stand at various airshows and other events around the country. We are looking for people in various regions to help out in the own locality, so there would not necessarily be much travel involved. Do let us know if you are interested and we’ll put your name on the list. There would be a full induction and briefing so don’t worry about lack of specific knowledge – the aim is to spread the word and get some donations in!

      So, as you see, anyone can help.

      Thanks again,


  167. 24/10/2014 13:30

    Best wishes from everyone here at The Man Shed, we’ll try and spread the word about the Mosquito project as much as possible!

    • 24/10/2014 14:13

      Hi Steve, thanks for your support – and thanks for adding our link to your site – much appreciated!

  168. 17/11/2014 14:51

    This is good news, we must get a airworthy Mossie.I have put my money where my mouth is to.

    • 17/11/2014 23:23

      Hi Vivien, thank you for your support and your generous donation. Here’s to an airworthy Mosquito!

  169. Dominic permalink
    01/12/2014 22:00

    Wish each and everyone on the project the very best of success.
    Suggestions: Contact the national lottery to see if you could get financial support. Or try your local county council, local council, big aviation companies (as major sponsors) like Rolls Royce, BAC, Messier Dowty. Also, spread your news to all the aviation museums around the UK. They will be a great source of information to help and assist your cause. Appreciate, money is tight but car stickers, T-shirts, Caps, aviation prints etc are a great way to promote your good cause. Plus, if you can get a stall together for next years 2015 Airshows that would really help your cause. Where there is a will there will always be a way.
    Good Luck.

    • 16/12/2014 16:41

      Thanks for getting in touch Dominic and thanks for your suggestions. As you can imagine we are looking into all avenues where funding is concerned, and doing as much as we can as far as promoting the project. As you may know we had a stand at several of the UK airshows in 2014 and they proved very popular and did an enormous amount for our profile. As you would expect we have plans to do the same in 2015, but hopefully on a larger scale with the help of volunteers around the country. If you are interested in helping out, we will announce details on our social media streams and the website nearer the time. Thanks again.

  170. andrew thomson permalink
    08/12/2014 03:53

    What to say? This is a quintessentially British aircraft and can only reiterate the many comments already made – fantastic idea and look forward to its fruition. As a keen modeller just reading this has inspired me to build the large 1:24 scale model I have in my possession.

  171. andrew thomson permalink
    09/12/2014 03:10

    Further to my comments above, the last time I watched a Mosquito in the air was by pure chance at RAF Wyton (I think around 1993) whilst stationed there. Driving away from the main gate twoards the ahngars and the road to Huntingdon I became aware of the unmistakeable sound of twin Merlins, and looking up seen the Mosquito curving around the Hangars no more than 100 feet up…a wonderful sight, this was the only time I ever watched her fly. I would love to become involved somehow as per your notices. Let me know


    • 16/12/2014 16:45

      Hi Andy – further to our previous reply – if you would like to be involved, we are making a database of interested individuals. Please could you email us at outlining your areas of expertise, interests and a brief resume, to give us an idea of where you might best fit in. Many thanks, Nick.

  172. Andy Thomson permalink
    14/12/2014 09:57

    Sounds almost too good to be true and can only wish you the best of luck with this wonderful venture. I remember seeing the the Mosquito flying only once, driving away from RAF Wyton main gate. I heard the unmistakable sound of the twin merlins and round the ‘curve’ of the Hangars she flew straight across in front of me at treetop height – unforgetable !! I will follow this closely – again best of luck

    • 16/12/2014 16:33

      Thanks for getting in touch Andy. Yes, it is a very special sound and one which we hope to bring back to the skies of the UK in the not-too-distant future. Thanks for your support.

  173. 04/01/2015 13:25

    Of course it goes without saying ,We should have an air worthy mosquito they are as much an iconic air craft as the good old spitfire ,Hurricane etc ..It would be an enormous feeling to see a Mosquito flying along side the BBMF .A day I hope is not too far away.,I wish you luck and I know you will achieve this goal .

  174. Ben King permalink
    07/01/2015 12:56

    Would love to see a mosquito fly again in my life time. How are you doing funding wise?

  175. 09/01/2015 23:07

    Having watched the project from the begining, I am glad to see things moving forward. I have been an avid warbirds fan from a very young age when my father took me to Old Warden to watch the Shuttleworth Collection fly its superb aircraft. Nowardays I have grandsons who are becoming interested in planes and history and I believe adamantly that projects like this are hugely important to not only thrill and inspire the next generation, but to educate them about the cost of the freedom we so casually enjoy now. If I can help in any way to further this fantastic project please let me know and you have my heart felt appreciation and best wishes for this wonderful endevour! Lets see a wooden wonder grace the skys again!

    • 12/01/2015 16:36

      Thanks for your words of support Brian, they are much appreciated. We too believe in the importance of projects such as ours in educating future generations, in both engineering terms and regarding the sacrifices made by previous generations. As you will no doubt have seen, our motto is “To Fly, To Educate, To Remember” which we hope reinforces those aims. Thanks for your continued support.

  176. Kees Bontje permalink
    28/01/2015 22:00

    Great website and a great project. Looking forward to seeing one flying over Holland !

    Best of luck with the project and greetings from Holland

    • 29/01/2015 00:08

      Hi Kees, Thanks for your comment. We hope to be able to display the aircraft on mainland Europe at some stage, but this will depend on getting authorisation from each country, which will have financial implications. But it is definitely something we want try to do.

  177. 01/02/2015 16:52

    This is extraordinary. During the 80s I was part of a team looking for pieces of RL249 at the crash-site. Among the parts found was a parachute harness quick-release box. I was amazed to read what happened to the wreck afterwards. BC

  178. John Royce permalink
    22/02/2015 17:25

    What a worthy and brilliant idea and project! I would love to involve my money and time as requirements/availability allow. Whilst I understand perfectly the push towards Social Media, how do you intend to keep people (like me) informed who have no interest in – nor account with – Facebook or Twitter?

    • 22/02/2015 21:39

      Thanks John. We update this site with news so you can follow us on here if you don’t participate in Facebook or Twitter. We are also attending some airshows as funds allow this year so you can have a chat in person.

  179. James Johnson Collier permalink
    22/02/2015 19:10

    Been following this project since the “Night Fighter” days and really pleased that something like this is finally happening! If I had ANY criticism to make it would be any model of “two stage super charger” Mossie would be far sexier to behold than a IV or a VI but hey let’s just get those wings in the sky!!!

    • 22/02/2015 21:44

      Thanks James. Our plan is to use Packard built 60 series Merlins which should give us plenty of grunt although the second stage supercharger won’t be utilised as we will be restricted to 8,500ft above MSL and a max airspeed of 250kts.

  180. 03/03/2015 04:32


    Many thanks for making this colour footage of 627 Mossies available on line. Its a while since I’d seen the DVD of it that my Dad has.

    My Dad, Eric Arthur is the last man standing from combat operations with 627.

    Eric and his pilot, John Herriman, who were both RAAF, joined 627 a few weeks after Brian Harris filmed this footage. By the time VE day arrived, Eric and John had completed 44 operations, one short of a tour.

    In June 2014, I accompanied Dad to England so he could be in Green Park when the Queen unveiled the Bomber Command Memorial. We also traveled to Lincolnshire and visited his old haunts at Woodhall Spa.

    I created a website to document Dad’s trip to England and also used it to document his wartime experiences and the methods and operations of 627 and to pay homage to the Mosquito and the men who flew in them and the ground crew who supported them.

    Eric’s 627 Mosquito story is at

    It will be wonderful to get another Mossie airborne again. Best wishes for the project.

    Alan Arthur

    • 03/03/2015 08:09

      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for getting in touch. What a fascinating story and website and we appreciate you sharing it with us. I have only skipped through it and look forward to studying it more closely. I know many of our followers and supporters would also be very interested in your Father’s story – would you happy for us to share the URL?

      Yes it will be wonderful to get another Mossie flying and particularly in the UK, it’s spiritual home – it’s been missing too long from our skies.

      Please send our best wishes to your father and a huge thank you from all of us here for his service with 627 and the Mosquito during the war.

      Nick Horrox

      • 03/03/2015 22:57

        G’day Nick

        Happy for you to share the URL.

        The blog started off as a way for our extended family to keep track of Dad’s tour to the Bomber Command Memorial and to learn about what I’d learned from him of his wartime activities from conversations I’d had with him previously and from those I was having with him as we traveled around England, but has now taken on a life of its own with the general public. Since we returned from England, I have added a lot more material to the site as I’ve learned more from Dad and come across more information from other sources too and I’ll continue to add to it as more information and material comes to me.


      • 04/03/2015 09:40

        Hi Alan,

        Sounds like you’ve got a job on your hands there! I look forward to reading more and thanks, we’ll share the website, so expect some traffic from here. Thanks again,


  181. Simon Thomas permalink
    15/04/2015 18:45

    Will you have a stand at Flying Legends this year. Sold my car and left the car sticker in hopefully more people will see it but where can I get another, there does not seem to be one at the store?

    • 16/04/2015 16:02

      Hi Simon – thanks for getting in touch. We will not be attending Flying Legends this year, but will hopefully be at Duxford’s Battle of Britain Anniversary Air Show on 19th and 20th September (TBC). If you send your address to, we will gladly send you a replacement sticker by return. Thanks

  182. Andy permalink
    27/04/2015 05:46

    Hello everyone at TPM. Have always had a ‘soft spot’ for the ‘DH Mossie’, how wonderful it would be to have her grace our UK skies once again, arguably one of the most underrated (if not the most underrated) aircraft ever built. Early memories remain of building my first airfix model and ‘633 squadron’. I wish you every success and will spread the word at every opportunity. Any plans to be at RIAT 2015? Kind regards, Andy.

    • 27/04/2015 17:01

      Hi Andy – thanks for your comment. We agree, it’s high time we had a Mosquito flying again in the UK. Yes, we will be at RIAT 2015. You’ll find our stand in the Blue Zone. See you there!

      • Andy permalink
        27/04/2015 22:36

        Fabulous, will have to say hello. Perhaps treat ourselves to some ‘Mossie Merchandise!’ Any more news/developments with the wing construction?

    • 15/05/2015 08:48

      Good, we look forward to seeing you there. We should have some new t-shirts, prints and mugs available on the stand – airshow exclusives, not available in our shop. No news really on that front – we are continuing to raise funds to pay for the wing. Thanks for your interest and support.

  183. James Neve permalink
    29/04/2015 10:13

    Just came across your site after googling the Amiens Raid, having just watched a TV programme about it. Fascinated to see if you can get a Mosquito up and flying!
    My father was a Mosquito navigator on 109 Squadron in 1945 flying out of Little Staughton, having previously completed a tour in 1943 on 51 Squadron with Halifaxes. He died in 2006 but would have been tickled pink to think a Mossie would be flying again.

    • 15/05/2015 08:28

      Hi James, thanks for your comment. There is no doubt that we can get a Mossie up and flying in the UK – the technology exists to return this important aircraft to our skies – the only factor holding us back is money. The driving force for us is remembering people like your father who served, and those who built and maintained the Mossie. Please spread the word about our project far and wide. Many thanks.

  184. Chris permalink
    14/05/2015 10:39

    I would really like to see, and hear, a Mosquito flying again. It has always been my favourite aircraft and now I live very close to “RAF Fersfield” in Norfolk I have a special interest in following the restoration project. Good luck and I hope my small donation adds to the cause. Chirs

    • 15/05/2015 08:40

      Hi Chris, thanks for your message and generous donation to our cause. Interested to note you are ex-RN. As you may well know you share that in common with our patron Capt. Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown, and you may be interested to know we recently filmed an interview with him about his making the first landing on a carrier of a Mosquito, in 1944. The video of that will be released in the next few weeks. RAF Fersfield (or RAF Winfarthing, depending on your preference) has an interesting history – remote control B-17s no less! Don’t know whether it ever saw Mossie action, but the 8th AF used PR Mosquitos for reconnaissance, so it may well have done so. Thanks again for your support.

  185. Steve Hale permalink
    16/05/2015 21:42

    Hi Another ex-Matelot, radio op from 1975 to 1980. I am now employed as an HGV 1 driver and am also a published freelance writer. I would love to be able to help in some way. If you think I have any skills that can be of use then let me know. Good luck with this fantastic venture…the country and everyone who values the history of our armed forces deserves to see this magnificent machine in British skies once again

    • 17/05/2015 10:30

      Hi Steve, Thanks for getting in touch. As you probably realise, these are very early days, so there’s not much to do physically. What sort of help did you have in mind? What sort of writing do you do? I have an idea of how you might be able to help promote awareness of the project – which is really what we need to do at the moment, to encourage donations. Please get in touch with me at Thanks, Nick

  186. Laird M permalink
    24/05/2015 20:58

    Since I first saw an R/C Mossie as a boy I fell in love with this fantastic aircraft and wish you every success with this venture. May she roar once more!

  187. Mike Fitzgerald permalink
    14/06/2015 20:37

    I saw your stand at the Cosford airshow today and had a marvelous chat with a gentleman there. I have just got home to Somerset and looked up your website. My very best wishes to you all and good luck in this tremendous venture

    • 15/06/2015 10:47

      Hello Mike, Thanks for your comment and message of support. It’s not going to be easy, but we can do it with support. Please spread the word in Somerset. Thanks again.

  188. Neal permalink
    22/06/2015 20:35

    Hi, very interested in seeing a mosquito back in uk airspace! Did my small bit to keep the Vulcan airborne, albeit that that is sadly coming to an end. Do you have a running total of funds raised so far? Curious as to how it’s going. I was at Welshpool air show this year (same week end as Cosford). Would be another good place for fund raising, a great family show! Good luck, I’ll be following progress😄

    • 30/06/2015 10:16

      Hi Neal, Thanks for getting in touch and thanks for your interest, and apologies for not responding sooner. Yes, we do have a running total on our “Donate” page – something we call the ‘fundometer’. You can see the total raised so far there and it’s updated as often we can. We are rather limited in the events we can cover currently. This is essentially down to costs and manpower. Airshows, although a great investment, are very expensive to attend – costs of pitch + transport, accommodation etc. (the latter two of which we cover personally) and having the manpower available at the right time. There are only five of us involved and two live abroad (John Lilley, our MD & Chairman is in China most of the year, and Ross Sharp, our Dir of Eng & Airframe Compliance is in Mass. US), so it’s difficult for us to ‘reach’ the whole country. We have been using volunteers for the first time this year and that has proved a significant improvement so far. We hope to be in a better position as time goes by, but it’s inevitably a slow start, having to rely on public donations as we do. We will be looking at a TPM Club membership type scheme in the coming months and hope to recruit a few more bods to the cause. This will hopefully enable us to have greater reach when it comes to events and will also raise our donated income, which will help.

      I hope that has answered your initial questions, but please feel free to get in touch if you require any further information.

      Thanks again for your interest,


      Nick Horrox, Dir. of Comms

  189. Hilton Craven permalink
    13/07/2015 13:20

    Just stumbled over your page………and Wow! I never thought to see a Mosquito in the air again after 1996. My Father was a Navigator on them operating out of Split just after the war, so you have my full support and stand by for a Tee shirt order. I live near Elvington Airfield (Close to York) if I am home (In the Merchant Navy) on their Display days I would be happy to volunteer for you if you want a stand there.
    Keep up the great work.
    Best Regards
    Hilton Craven

    • 13/07/2015 17:52

      Hi Hilton – thanks for your message of support. We know Elvington well, as the home of Mosquito NF.II HJ711. We will be considering a presence at one of their events next year, and we will be looking for volunteers nearer the time, if we decide to attend. I noticed you have liked our Facebook Page, for which we thank you, and we will be calling for volunteers on there and also on our Supporters’ Group on Facebook too. We would love to know more about your father’s service. Do you know his Squadron number? Thanks again for your support.

  190. Hilton Craven permalink
    13/07/2015 19:00

    Ah yes, I have watched the ‘Spirit of Val’ come together over many years, truly a labour of love. I have no idea of my Fathers Squadron but I guess I can try and find out. There cannot have been too many squadrons at Split. I’ll keep you posted. Many thanks for your reply.
    Best Regards

  191. Lucie Crawford permalink
    16/07/2015 13:34

    Hi there, I’m contacting you from Darlow Smithson Productions in London. I was wondering if it would be possible to have a contact number for your organisation. There has been interest from a major UK broadcaster. My email is Regards.

  192. Mark Robinson permalink
    19/07/2015 20:43

    Hello Alan,
    I talked to you yesterday at RIAT Fairford. !8th July 2015. I spoke briefly about the” Iron Cross” just to give you a point of reference.
    I live in Norwich and would love to get involved in some way as a volunteer to support this wonderful project.
    As an ex para I may not have some of the engineering experience your looking for, however I have helped raise funds for many and varying projects in the past.
    Please, please give me a shout if you think I can be of help in ANY way to your must worthy and just cause.
    My very best wishes go to you and all your team.

  193. Michael Christie permalink
    20/07/2015 16:58

    Hi, I visited yourselves at RIAT2015 over the weekend and purchased one of your special shirts only available at RIAT. I will later this year set up a standing order for £10 a month and hope many more UK residents will rally this cause to have RL249 airworthy as soon as possible. I hope I will in the future be able to help in a hands on basis to get and maintain this Mospuito in an airworthy condition. Regards Michael

    • 20/07/2015 17:14

      Thanks Michael, that’s great to hear. We need more people like you. Thanks for your support and we will be looking for volunteers when the time comes. In the mean time, if you’re interested in helping us out on the stand at an event please let us know via Thanks.

  194. Richard Lord permalink
    22/07/2015 12:47

    My nephew visited your stand at RIAT this year. He mentioned that his grandfather, my dad, flew mosquitoes during the latter part of the war. In fact my father, Sqdn Ldr George Lord, flew in 235 squadron from Banff CO Max Aitken. i have his logbook which shows his flying history from learning on a Tiger Moth to a seat on Concorde for its proving flight to Bahrain. Quite a record! i also have a collection of his combat photos attacking shipping in the Norwegian Fjords. I have arranged for copies to be made available of the relevant logbook pages and some of the more startling action photos.
    At an appropriate time I would like to be involved in some way in this project especially as my father had the opportunity to spend some time with the crew that were lost when the aircraft crashed at Barton.
    Richard Lord

    • 22/07/2015 17:09

      Hi Richard, I have passed your message to Ross Sharp our Director of Engineering and resident Mosquito historian and expert. He will respond in due course. Many thanks for getting in touch – Regards, Nick Horrox

  195. shortfinals permalink
    22/07/2015 18:56

    Dear Mr Lord, first, may I say how delighted we were to hear from the Lord family. The history of the Banff Strike Wing (which grew to be the largest Wing in the Royal Air Force, with no less than six Squadrons) is an amazing one. As Nick Horrox mentioned, we would very much welcome participation by yourself in some way, and I am sure that he and the Board will be discussing that with you later. I know that we would also wish to utilise the photographs and data (with full credit, of course) to enhance our display stand. I would ask that you email me – – so that we can take matters further. By the way, your father often flew a 235 Sqn Mosquito coded LA-V (at least when he was a Flt Lt). Looking forward to making contact with you. – Kindest regards, Ross Sharp

    • Richard Lord permalink
      23/07/2015 19:36

      Yes – i have a couple of photos of his aircraft LA-V with a ‘lazy’ tail wheel as he put it, flying in formation over the sea en route to Norway at the usual height of 50′. Lots of other interesting ones too! I’ll email you.From his logbook it looks as though his last operational sortie was at the back end of 1944. His promotion to Sqdn Ldr was confirmed in a telegram in January 1946.

  196. Paul Hunt permalink
    23/07/2015 09:08

    Just found this, and with the ‘Farewell to Flight’ of XH558 this year it seems fitting that the ‘return to flight’ of another wonderful British aircraft comes to the fore. You can count on my support.

  197. Michael Christie permalink
    23/07/2015 14:43

    Hi, posted back e-mail yesterday to your info e-mail address. Hope this came through ok to yourselves. Can see you have been receiving quite a bit of feedback over the last few days. Lets hope we can get this project rallied round to as many people as possible, as with the sad demise of the Vulcan from UK skies after October The People’s Mosquito is the next big aviation project in the UK, the sooner this happens the better. I certainly want to be able to lend a hand in what way I can once you start to want volunteers to help working to get the Mossie back on the UK airshow scene. Regards Michael

    • 23/07/2015 15:06

      Thanks Michael, I have emailed you back. Thanks for your support and your offer of help. We also like to think of this project as being the next big UK aviation project. We’ll be in touch.

  198. Dominic permalink
    23/07/2015 19:33

    Great supporter of your project. Not a fan of Facebook. So please, please, can you get yourself on LinkedIn?. You will be surprised how many professional people and businesses are on there for you to tap into resources and possibly financial support.
    Best regards,

  199. Michael Christie permalink
    23/07/2015 19:48

    I’m not on Facebook or Twitter either, but am on Linkedin, as you say Dominic this would be a good tool for the project to consider. Think we all hope things will be able to progress as quickly as possible, but it will only achieved with cash, lets all help where we can.

  200. Ian mosdell permalink
    25/07/2015 09:43

    What a very large plan and with only 10% of the aircraft left what a task ,I suppose it helps one hell of a lot that a rebuild has already been done on one other airframe .if I ever win the euro millions I will help out .I’m an aircraft engineer on very big things so if you want any help just ask .I’m in Northampton .

    • Ian mosdell permalink
      25/07/2015 10:01

      Also I work as a licenced aircraft engineer at British airways B1 . ex Concorde and ex RAF .

    • 11/08/2015 13:38

      Thanks Ian – I believe you have been in touch with Ross Sharp, our Director of Engineering and Airframe Compliance. We look forward to meeting you in the not too distant future.

  201. 05/08/2015 18:37

    What a fantastic project, which must be made to succeed. I had the honour to sit in the prototype Mossie at the DH Museum a number of years back (one of those right place, right time moments) and have never forgotten it. Will support this all I can personally and through our aviation heritage museum in Suffolk – the type ‘just’ made it into our area when 618 ‘Highball’ Sqn was based in the north of the county for a while.

    • 11/08/2015 13:47

      Thanks for your message of support Andrew. Yes 618 Sqn were indeed based in Suffolk at RAF Beccles, where our patron, Capt. Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown, went to train them on deck landing, following his successful Mosquito carrier deck trials in March 1944. He talks about this and mentions Beccles in the video we recently produced. You can see it here:

  202. Trevor Vincent permalink
    30/08/2015 16:46

    Hello so pleased to see we could be having a Mosquito back in our skies again this aircraft means a lot to me my Grandfather was an LAC FME and worked on Mosquitos ,im sorry to say i stumbled on your stall at the fatefull Shoreham Air Display when we witnessed the Hunter crash ,this is the first time i knew about this project i wish you all well in your project and be sure i will be supporting you all the way

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