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Download printable posters and other promotional assets from this page.

The posters are native A3 but can be printed smaller.

Click here to download our poster “Let’s Go!” (pdf 12Mb)

Lets Go

Click here to download our poster “We Can Do It!” (pdf 15Mb)


Click here to download our poster  “Your Mossie Needs You” (pdf 8Mb)




Please use the button below to spread the word via your site, to help us get a Mosquito flying again in UK skies

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The People’s Mosquito team.

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  1. Keith Hyde permalink
    28/02/2012 22:57

    I teach aviation history at college and university in Toronto. As the Mosquito was built under licence in Canada, the story of the Mosquito is one of my most popular lectures.

    kind regards

    Keith Hyde
    aviation historian

    • 25/10/2012 16:40

      Hi Keith,

      Can I both suggest and recommend that you contact (my good friend) Richard de Boer President of The Clagary Mosquito Soceity as they are restoring a Mosquito “Spartan” Survey Aeroplane. Richard gives presentations and lectures on both the restoration project and on “F for Freddie” the Mosquito that visited Canada and tragically crashed at Calgary whilst displaying.

      Kind Regards

      David A Coeshall

  2. Ian Podmore permalink
    16/10/2012 18:36

    Well if we can get a Vulcan to fly again, i don’t see why a Mossie should not fly as well. Are you thinking of applying for a Lottery grant?

    Given the popularity of the “633 Squadron” film on TV i think there is every chance of public support succeeding,
    best wishes
    Ian Podmore
    warbird enthusiast

    • 18/10/2012 09:47

      Thanks Ian. We’ll be looking at various funding options over the coming months.

    • 17/06/2015 00:15

      During the making of 633 Squadron THREE perfectly airworthy Mosquitos were deliberately wrecked. What would they be worth now, I wonder.

      • 20/06/2015 11:48

        Now there’s a question. A fair bit I should think…Sadly those were different times, when those aircraft were just seen as surplus to requirement. Our attitudes to conservation in general have come a long way since then. Thankfully.

  3. Colin R. Matthews permalink
    20/10/2012 15:53

    Hello, my name is Colin Matthews, I have been a member of Vulcan XH558 and Sally “B” for 24 years. It would be so nice to see and hear a Mosquito in the Great British Airshow seen.

    Good Luck

  4. Colin R. Matthews permalink
    20/10/2012 16:23

    I have clicked delete by mistake, this has stopped me reciveing e-mails, can it be re-activated please.

    Thank You.

    Colin R. Matthews.

  5. David Haynes permalink
    07/11/2012 15:56

    I have just found your site great news about the Mosquito project,my stepfather who is 91 flew Mosquitos in Burma in 1945 with the Raf 110 Hyderabad squadron i keep him up to date with all aircraft news .We all live near Goodwood Airfield near Chichester it would be fantastic if one day a Mosquito could take part in the Revival festival.

  6. mosqu1to permalink
    24/03/2013 10:20

    as from October 2012, with lots of hard work from Glynn Powell and his band of worker, the world DOES have an airworthy mossie, I was in NEW ZEALAND to see this wonderful event

    mark aka mossieman600

  7. 19/06/2013 13:45

    I have just found your website. Fantastic news that after the sad incident of 1996 at Barton (I remember it well), we will once again have a Mosquito gracing the British skies again. Just so sad my father did not live to see it happen, he would have been so pleased.

  8. James Finlay permalink
    22/07/2013 15:37

    Very best Wishes for this project. Last time I saw a Mossie was at an Air Show in the 70’s – it was a BAE owned example as I recall. Sadly miss the existence of one or – dare I say it – 2 in the UK. I remember when very young seeing the Meterological Mossies high in the sky – I could just about hear them if nothing else noisy around me….

    • 24/07/2013 10:21

      Hi James, Thanks for your comment. It is our firm intention to get a Mossie back in the UK skies. Long overdue we think. Watch this space…

  9. Ian permalink
    08/09/2015 11:29

    Are you considering a supporters club, like the Vulcan to the sky club ? Be nice to support in this way and receive club benefits ?

    • 08/09/2015 11:54

      Hi Ian, thanks for asking. Yes, we are definitely considering a club along the lines of VTTSC. We hope to have this up and running some time in the New Year, or at least by Spring. We will announce it when it is ready to go, so keep an eye out early next year. Thanks

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