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The Vision

The People’s Mosquito has a simple vision: to see the return of the de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito to the skies above Britain. The restoration project is a charitable, non-profit one whose aim is to inform and educate the public and future generations on the Mosquito and its place in history. We will achieve this aim by restoring and returning this important aircraft to the sky, in conjunction with building a valuable web-based Mosquito resource.

Our motto is: ‘To fly; To educate; To remember’. Through flying displays around the country and an ‘open hangar’ policy, with an emphasis on education, we hope to communicate to future generations the importance to the war effort of the Mosquito during World War Two, and the unique design and engineering techniques that went into its production. At the same time we will be honouring and remembering those who designed, built, flew and maintained the type in all its roles and locations.

We hope you enjoy our promotional video, featuring colour footage of Mosquitoes in action in 1944. You can watch the full (9 mins) extended version of the video here.

We have now centralised comments on the Say Hello page. Many thanks.

  1. Kevin Evans permalink
    10/09/2015 21:21

    Just watched 633 Squadron for the umpteenth time. Still cannot believe we do not have one of these aircraft flying. Good luck with the project.

  2. Andy Cowman permalink
    20/09/2015 21:57

    Need one of these flying in the UK folks.. From the Amiens raid to target marking to film star.. A superlative aircraft and a beautiful one at that.. Warmest thoughts and best wishes.. Make this happen!

  3. Chris Walby permalink
    22/09/2015 13:17

    Hi. Greattach to see a new one is on its way! Is there an update on progress + any idea what the initial colour scheme will be?

    • 22/09/2015 16:36

      Progress is that fundraising is continuing apace. We have just gone over the half way mark on our first tranche which is for the wing ribs! This is excellent news considering we’ve only been fundraising for just over a year! Look at our Donate page for the latest total. The event this past weekend at Duxford took us over the halfway mark. A long way to go yet though. As to the scheme, we have several ideas but that won’t be decided for a while yet. We’ll make a splash about it when we do decide, though. Thanks for your support.

  4. Barry Sheppard permalink
    23/09/2015 20:33

    Reading a book on “The Men who flew the Mosquito ” a great insight to such a valuable plane of remarkable capabilities . Such a great pity that in the UK we do not have one to display flying , good luck on your final goal I look forward to seeing on grace the skies.
    Barry Sheppard

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